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Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 24, 2021 @ 04:55 PM | 14,431 Views
No, the mustang, itself, is not here yet, but nearly everything else is, So, I'm going to make a little progress update.

Here is what has come in even though I am not home to take pictures.

The zenoah has arrived, it will be checked over for shipping damage, boxed back up and begin its journey to Performance Unlimited in Florida. They are going to do their array if tweaks to boost its performance darn near to what some 70 and 75 cc motors do, if not more. Estimated hp in the 6 ho range at 8000 rpm.
At the same time, they are going to cut me a bushing at a length of 31 mm with a 10mm ID and a 14 mm OD as well as drill for and insert two more pins in the prop hub offset 90 degrees from the factory pins.
This is in preparation for the mounting of the Ramoser Vario-prop, currently being kitted by Christian in Germany for a 23 1/2 inch diameter 4 blade.
The retracts have arrived, all the servos, the transmitter and recievers, recievery battery servo leads, all but 2. I still need 2 24 inch leads.
Ordered the adhesive supplies.
I'll need to order the tru-turn once engine and prop are both here. It's going to have to be custom cut. I'll make them a pattern with measurements. Not hard to do.
I'll also make a drill pattern for the modified hub. One for tru-turn and one for drilling the prop hub for the pins.
I've decided to set aside the included hanger 9 decals, instead I've asked Callie-Graphics to do up a set for Will Feord's P51 of the same 357th so I don't have to completely...Continue Reading
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 17, 2021 @ 09:52 AM | 8,331 Views
Maybe found someone in the UK that still has a few of these setups. Maybe.

Shot off an email. I don't hold much hope as the site is a bit amateurish even by 2005 standards but hey, we all can't be web designers.
If they are still in business, and do, in fact have one they are willing to ship to the US, then what does that mean for the mustang.

It mainly means using the same power to turn a bigger prop. But in regards to the mustang it MAY mean turning a 24 inch 4 blade effectively.
Luke I said, I don't hold out much hope unless I get a fairly quick response. The email might be sitting in an inbox that hasn't been checked in years. Who knows.
Time will tell.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 16, 2021 @ 07:15 PM | 6,773 Views
Was perusing jtec's website and found these..

1/5th scale available which means they would be the right scale for a hanger 9 60 cc

I'm a bit confused about how you'd go about installing. I'd worry about the heat melting the ultrakote.


Still, it would be a trick setup but wouldn't you have to at least glass the airframe? Possibly even flitemetal might be a requirement too?
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 15, 2021 @ 07:06 PM | 7,207 Views
Don't forget to order your opti-kill.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 15, 2021 @ 06:09 PM | 6,895 Views
Wayne and his crew, awesome job! Placed orders Friday evening, shipped notifications today. LOVE IT!
Vernie at Desert Aircraft, same thing, including an immediate response on availability.

Fast fast service from these guys. Top notch.

DA has the full line of Xoar props.
Aloft was my transmitter and reciever source as well as the telemetry sensors going into the Mustang.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 14, 2021 @ 06:39 PM | 5,957 Views
Just saw a video in the crash forum.

Guy flying an F22 EDF capable of 100 mph plus....in a park. He stalls it and augers behind a tree. Prior to the stall he admitted there might be a problem with the elevator servos, there was a busy road on one side of the area he was flyin

Let me explain to ANYONE who does this type of flying. It's STUPID! I ouldn't have flown there with a park model trainer with a 10 mph stall speed (not even sure if one exists)
Look. You want to fly rc. GREAT! But use your heads. It's a park. Families come there, kids. A 100mph EDF can kill a child on impact. Not to mention if that stall would have occurred over the road that you flew over twice in the video.
Neverminding the houses you were flying towards.
It's irresponsible and WHY the FAA is cracking down.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 14, 2021 @ 11:29 AM | 5,931 Views
No real change here. Still kind of in a holding pattern. With no plane kit yet, I can't mock up or measure anything, and without measurements I can't order anything, not that there is much left to order.

Airplane kit-ordered.
Retracts-ordered (including retract tail wheel)
Main gear tires and wheels-ordered
Throttle servo-ordered
Aileron servos-ordered
Flap servos-ordered
Rudder servos-ordered
Elevator servos-ordered
Spinner-not ordered
Reciever-frsky archer sr10 pro, ordered
Transmitter-x20 tandem, ordered (also ordered gas engine sensor pack)
Fuel tank-not yet purchased or ordered
exhaust: Jtec compact wrap around, not ordered
Standoffs: jtec, not ordered, need measurements from back of engine back plate to the prop hub.

Been puttering around today trying to find parts to rebuild the old motor in dad's piper..it's getting cranky, smoking a lot more than it should, some rough idling, etc. Dad kinda thought ahead on that and had some stuff in his parts stash for it that I kept. The things I need that aren't there I may need to have made. Took the needles down to the LHS and we did some comparisons to what's available..just too many differences to use so tomorrow I'll be talking to a guy with a little machine shop in town to see if he can replicate. One of the needle shafts is a little tweaked.
The piston seems ok at a glance, but dad had a new one stashed as well as new rings. Not sure exactly, what the carb is, it's not a walbro, at least...Continue Reading
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 14, 2021 @ 04:55 AM | 5,805 Views
In looking at pictures of other people's builds, the engine standoffs seem pretty short.

One of the guys measured firewall to cowl distance at six inches.
Zenoah posted the engine length I think to the front of the prop hub and including the spring starter shaft at the back end of the engine. But overall length is 6.8ish inches (17.3 cm.

I have to assume that that includes the prop hub and spring starter shaft. At least I hope it does or I'm screwed! LOL

Good news is Jtec now does plywood standoffs, (full surround) in custom lengths.
The benefit is less vibration. It's basically a stack of plywood squares, corners rounded done to the mounting bolt pattern of the engine. So, once I confirm the length from the back plate at the mounting holes to the back of the prop hub, I'll have Jtec also make the stand off for the engine. So exhaust and standoffs will come from jtec. I could make similar ones myself but I'm betting that theirs will look better and be lighter.

Here's the link for the standoffs if anyone needs it.

Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 13, 2021 @ 07:17 PM | 6,864 Views
The wife...

I love her to death but sometimes she scares me. She's a cancer survivor, hence my hiatus from the hobby and selling everything a few years ago. Life has treated us hard for some years since just trying to recover, financially, from that battle.
I'd do it again, for her, in an instant. But 7 years cancer free is 7 years more than we thought we'd have.
She greenlighted the mustang.

Little did I know, though, that she had an ulterior motive. Women, just when you think you got them figured out. Maybe that's why I like rc planes. In general, they are predictable. If you give it a certain input, it's going to a certain thing...every time.
Shes done gone and thrown me for two more loops since giving the financial green light for my journey towards rc flight again. She has already greenlighted a second plane...knowing how much the first one is going to cost (around 4 grand before it ever is finished) That was the first loop that then made me think...uh oh...she wants something. (Terrible I know, but she's a woman...it's how it works.....right?) I'm thinking she's got an expensive ring or necklace she wants and this is her way of getting me to say "go for it."

Now I know why...but the nerve...she waited until she knew I had just about everything ordered for the mustang...and then she drops the hammer...


I have to teach her how to fly rc. My jaw hit the floor. I immediately pictured my beautiful mustang, yet to be born even, smashed to bits of balsa...Continue Reading
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 13, 2021 @ 01:50 PM | 6,868 Views
I'm kinda using this blog to 1. Pass the time waiting, and 2. As I research stuff I'm putting it here so I don't forget it.
Like FW's heads up on the measurements for the horizontal stab tube...
Like the temp sensor and the parts list.
All things that I need to remember. With a new transmitter to learn on top of that it's a matter of too much info and not enough brain...

Does anybody offer a human RAM upgrade? Might need to upgrade my hard drive too...
Hey FrSky....
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 13, 2021 @ 01:31 PM | 6,436 Views
As I wait for things to arrive, I've been studying up on my chosen transmitter/reciever combo.

The x20 has a tandem signal capability. 2.4ghz on the main with a 900 mhz radio signal as a back up. If signal degrades to a certain point, the radio and reciever switch to the other to maintain contact and control.
I haven't ordered the little auxiliary reciever that can be put in as I figure that's for guys doing 3d, fast spins etc that could cause a temporary signal loss to the reciever, but there is such a thing and it's tiny so it could be tucked anywhere in a plane.
The r10 pro and SR10 pro have dedicated telemetry channels built in. No need for a second rx to handle it. It's been suggested separating them out. One rx doing the telemetry and another doing aircraft controls. I'd be able to since I will have two, but I'll try it with just one first. If there's an issue I should know it pretty quick.
I may have described it before, but I also ordered the FrSky gas engine sensor pack. Brings all three sensors needed to monitor engine health in the air.
Temperature, RPM and fuel flow. Should take some guess work out of things.
The ability to monitor, real time, in flight those three things will help fine tune the prop selection, the cowl openings as far as cooling.
Example. If the engine is running a bit warmer than it should, rpms are below expected, and fuel flow indicates the engine is under strain..instead of opening up the cowl more, it's a prop change or needle...Continue Reading
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 12, 2021 @ 07:55 PM | 7,559 Views
Airplane kit-ordered.
Retracts-ordered (including retract tail wheel)
Main gear tires and wheels-ordered
Throttle servo-ordered
Aileron servos-ordered
Flap servos-ordered
Rudder servos-ordered
Elevator servos-ordered
Spinner-not ordered
Reciever-frsky archer sr10 pro, ordered
Transmitter-x20 tandem, ordered (also ordered gas engine sensor pack)
Fuel tank-not yet purchased or ordered
exhaust-not ordered

So, with exception of the fiddleys (whatever screws, clamps, feul line, batteries etc that pop up I need, the fuel tank the spinner and the jtec exhaust are the only main items left.

I need to get a new covering iron. Tap small enough for the elevator tube bolt holes. But that's it. From here I can do nothing else...but wait. Until the plane is here and I can do some measuring anyway.

Not too worried about the spinner. If I can't get the one horizon stocks for the kit, I'll get a true turn that's close. It'll work until horizons supply chain is back to pre-covid.
Stand-offs have to wait until I have the plane and engine both.

So.......guess I'll go watch some tube and try not to present a good enough target for the wife...
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 12, 2021 @ 06:17 PM | 6,978 Views
Transmitter was back in stock too..the X20 will soon be on its way.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 12, 2021 @ 06:12 PM | 6,681 Views
Aloft got the Archer SR10 pro back in stock along with the Gas Sensor pack..so those will also be here in time to start the mustang assembly.

So as far as electrical/electronics just the batteries remain for inside the aircraft.

Still need the x20 but the weekly allowance for rc stuff has been expended.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 12, 2021 @ 03:47 PM | 7,106 Views
Just in shooting the breeze with some folks in the forums while I am waiting for my proverbial and literal ship to dock as I check email yet again for a shipping notice....

It's taken me down memory lane some, to my dad, gone now about ten years.

Nostalgia has hit. His old piper languishing in the garage/hobby room that he first let me fly...all the times I crashed it and he repaired it without a word of complaint, patiently, instead, fixing it and slowly teaching. Not with cuss words or outbursts but a nudge..then us moving on to joint projects, faster ones, bigger ones. He had his 3d, I had mustangs, or razorback flying.

But I also remember the things he taught, now ingrained and done out of habit. The pre season checks, the every few flights checks, the every time it flies checks.

I never knew till he passed and I found them that he kept logs of sorts on his rc planes. Everything from engine Temps to rpms to flight times, voltage draws from each planes electronics. Not just once, but repeatedly, with dates. Some of his planes had two or three 3 Subject spiral bounds full. Every time he'd inspect, or repair something, what ut was, when it was done, what parts.

The piper described every detail down to spar number of every bit of damage I caused learning to fly rc, and how he'd repaired it.
The planes I built that weren't even his had logs..
He could look up the history of every servo, every reciever, every engine, every prop from the day the kit was opened and built...Continue Reading
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 12, 2021 @ 06:17 AM | 8,640 Views
Exhaust: Jtec compact wrap around design for hanger 9/top P51s
Trnasmitter and reciever from aloft when back in stock.
Spinner from either horizon or trueturn.

Props are ordered, the last two servos ordered,

smaller items left but have to to wait until plane is here: fuel tank, fuel lines and clamps, wiring tie downs, and any misc hardware that may pop up during the build..all of that will be LHS stuff as I go and get to those steps.

other than those things...Its just waiting for the the kit to get here..I catch myself checking to see if its shipped yet..

Its been 7 years since my last warbird..

funny thing is, it wasn't even a plane that gave me the bug again..but an rc car kit from mancrates some friends got me as a gift. It gave me the bug again. was a fun build.

I need to revisit the parts list.

Airplane kit-ordered.
Retracts-ordered (including retract tail wheel)
Main gear tires and wheels-ordered
Throttle servo-ordered
Aileron servos-ordered
Flap servos-ordered
Rudder servos-ordered
Elevator servos-ordered
Spinner-not ordered
Reciever-frsky archer sr10 pro, not ordered
Transmitter-x20 tandem, not ordered
Fuel tank-not yet purchased or ordered
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 10, 2021 @ 11:04 PM | 9,902 Views

Ok, someone just gave me a heads up on something I gotta remember during assembly

From a structural integrity standpoint that's a do not forget.
Posted by TXmustangflyer | Nov 10, 2021 @ 10:47 PM | 8,893 Views
Yeah..I hear you (groan) another mustang build..

I like the P51, it's a sexy machine.

Here's the parts list on order.

Hanger 9 60 cc ARF mustang. 89 inch wingspan
Spectrum servos (with exception of the elevator servos...why? I forgot them ok...lemmelone...they'll be spectrum too.

Zenoah G62 with cdi conversion he says. May be a z62. Also advertised as NIB. I'll know when it's here.

I'm aware of the qc issues with the airframe, covering loose, wing tube fitment issues and so on so I'm prepared, thanks to many of you on the thread in fuel warbirds forum on what to expect and the tried and true by many to address and resolve those issues.

The goal is a nice flying warbird. Nothing extravagant, but nice to fly. I'm not going to worry too much about scale details like pilots and so forth. I'm going to follow the manual, pure and simple.

The potential pre assembly punch list:
1. Address any issues with the Ultracote and also cover any exposed wood in the tail area.
2. Fit the wings to center section to address any wing fitment issues, sand the tube holes to smooth things out and make them move snug but freely on and off the tube.
3. Check the sheeting for loose joints.
4. Inspect the glue joints throughout. Reglue where needed.
5. Apologize to wife for being grumpy as I fix things that should have been fixed before shipping.
6. Order a 5th of whiskey....that may need to be step one..

When that's done then step one of the manual.

I fully expect that punch list to tie up a couple of weekends for sure. And I'm sure regular life will interfere with build time. It never fails.

Anyway, I'll post progress here as it occurs. I'll try to remember to take and post pictures.

The kit itself still shows back ordered as do the eflite retracts and retractable tail wheel, as well as the main gear wheels and tires. Hopefully they all arrive at the same time and intact. It's 2021 and FedEx has already lost a package of mine this year so we'll see.