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Posted by valdesdariel1 | Nov 22, 2021 @ 08:53 AM | 10,778 Views
Hi friends.

My turbine is a king tech 120 G it has approximately 17 hours of use, it had been working well until yesterday when I presented the following problem.

The whole starting process makes it perfect, but when I am going to accelerate if I do it slowly it reaches the maximum acceleration without problems, but if I accelerate it fast to the maximum when it reaches the maximum acceleration it flames out and throws a Blue candle, and mark flame out on the computer.

Look for possible problems but everything seems fine:

The fuel line is not obstructed, it is perfect, the battery has a good voltage,.

The fuel pump is a PK 500 and in the settings, it is 700.
Acceleration is at 007.

Also weighing that it was the radio control, he did teaching with the turbine again and after that, he continued presenting the same problem.

According to the symptoms and the color of the fire, I think there is a lot of oxygen entering the combustion chamber and little fuel.

Some ideas that can help me, please.