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Posted by D3G | Oct 02, 2021 @ 01:43 PM | 12,457 Views
The hull is nearly finished. Installing the radio gear and servos come next. I have been enjoying the last of the summer wine, so to speak, on a real sailboat. It comes out of the water next week and I will devote more time to finishing up PumaCat...Git 'Er Done. Cheers all.
Posted by D3G | Sep 02, 2021 @ 08:40 PM | 24,522 Views
Progress has been slower than I had expected. The order for thin plywood was filled exactly three weeks after it was placed, just as promised. I'm using 1/16" ply on the bottom, deck and transom. 1/32" ply is glued to the sides. A two part epoxy paste was used to neatly fill in seam lines where the hull panels come together. After a fine sanding, an oil based spray primer will be next.

Rattle can spray paint is in short supply these days at our local big box stores. After three stops I found the top coat color I wanted and bought the last of what they had...their last three cans in that color. That should be plenty for multiple coats on a boat this size.

A sail has been cut and trial fit for size. Normally I use rip stop nylon material for my sails, but I wanted to try a light weight canvas cloth this time. It is easy to work with in that I don't need to be so extra careful with the hot iron as I fused the pocket luff and foot seam with hem tape. About a half yard of material was enough and it is actually fairly light weight on the mast. A mast crane might be necessary to carry the weight of the sail, but I think that the carbon fiber mast will be sturdy enough to remain unstayed. A few details still need to be worked out.

Happy building and thanks for stopping by y'all.

Posted by D3G | Aug 13, 2021 @ 01:37 PM | 18,860 Views

Regular readers of the sailboat space might recognize the lines of my latest sailboat project. If you guessed graham_mca's excellent Footy design, Banshee, you would be correct. In this 1 meter long modified version, the signature blunt bow and light weight foam core construction remain. The plan view is a closely scaled up version of the original Banshee. PumaCat is slightly wider in the waist and stern. The profile needed to be modified to avoid excessive freeboard and was therefore adjusted using the T-LAR method...That Looks About Right. I think it works well enough and her heritage still shows thru. Thanks for the inspiration, Graham.

Foam core laminations are of 2" thick, high density insulation board available at our local big box store. Overall deck length measures 1 meter exactly. The keel fin and bulb (borrowed from my back burnered 'Emma' project) may need to be moved forward a bit, pending float tests. If I recall the 'Emma' specs correctly, the keel weight including fin is 8 pounds total.

12" x 48" x 1/16" sheathing plywood is backordered for up to 3 weeks. I thought that to be unusual. I wonder if that too is imported from China. Anyway, happy summer building everybody.