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Posted by Desertboy4 | Nov 08, 2021 @ 01:10 PM | 4,415 Views
Good day to you all;
As of 11/18/2021 I will be losing my internet service provider. Being a very small rural community we have very few choices. 1 now as a mater of fact. There install tech's are based 175 mile away. So you can figure were 1st hi-priority if they can even find your homes location without GPS!
So much for the broad band for small rural community's act!

Until things get resolved Looks like I will be off line until well into 2022 ( Feb/March ) ?
So as of 11/14/2021 I will be removing all my for sale posts as I will not be able to respond.

If anything has caught your eye or interest PLEASE let me know soon as you can.
You can also TEXT me at 9285755505 Please ID what your interested in We'' make the proper arrangements.

I thank you all for your understanding I do hope to see you all again in 2022 !

To all of you continue to enjoy our hobby, Have a great holiday, And a happy New Year
Desertboy4 in AZ
Posted by Desertboy4 | Nov 06, 2021 @ 07:11 PM | 13,868 Views
Modified Belt CP-V2 450 Carbon-fiber "Edition"

First let me start by stating this is exactly how you let a project get out of hand !
As time passed & many other heli-o projects came & went I kept this bird !
YES I did need to make some teeny tiny refinements. Luckily I had a lot of spares parts from past projects.

Main frame was already 1.05mm C/F plates. I updated to purple metal internal fixture mounts for the front tail drive & main shaft rotor drive along with the motor mount, tail boom mount block & gyro mount plate & all control bell-crank pivots brg mounts. (simple upgrade package )
Bearing change outs were Archer and Bocoa > By far a better bearings than stock.

I found at the end I have a real count ! Totaling 50 ball bearings. Now that takes a little bit to service.
So glade I have the Greaser

I'll go over just where all these lay out. >So lets start at the tail <
Notice the start of the Red color scheme?
The Tarot 2 screw gear box has 2, Align slider has 8, slider pivot arm has 2 with nylon slider ball insert, Align 450xl grip has 4 plus 2 thrust brg. packages.
18 Brg. total count Tail alone. Got a little crazy there.

Rotor head assembly Blade 450 3D CNC
Alloy gripes hold 4 plus 2 thrust packages, , FB pivot arms hold 4, FB sea-saw cage assembly holds 4, wash out arms hold 8, LYNX Spl edition swash plate holds 1
That adds 21 ball bearings plus 2 thrust packs Total count> 41brg.

Main frame holds frt & rear...Continue Reading
Posted by Desertboy4 | Feb 23, 2018 @ 03:10 PM | 3,582 Views
Great day
Just wanted to share my Stingray 500 resurrection ( from ashes to a beautifully reborn phoenix )
Taken a while to get the correct parts though but well worth the search.
When purchased it had a very hard Rt nose in landing bent a lot broke a lot damaged a lot
All 3 booms bent and broken, main drive shaft bent, 3 rotor shafts bent, all blade grips damaged all blades damaged
These are the starting pic during re build re setup process
I will post more as this project comes to completion.
Electronics are on a very tight platform I will include an electrolytic to help filter this.
Also planning on using my DX6i single stick for this bird.
Spending the time to get it right.
I got lucky and found the correct Scorpion 10 black motor for the Stingray
Included a little addition to adjust the motor belt. I made this mod to the belt to help any drive vibration slack slap to the main shaft drive. Tricky location placement.
Balance COG ??? got to be there some where you would think Any thoughts
Posted by Desertboy4 | Mar 10, 2017 @ 10:53 PM | 4,377 Views
I have just finished my DX6I S/Stick set up & it works great I post a few pic as to what it looks like With a little careful resizing for the extracted stick end hole I was able to just screw in the new stick right to the gimbal self threaded nicely. Small slot already in the gimbal base made it easy to feed the wiring through cleanly.
I used a 3axes gimbal stick from Aloft ( 5K pot ) with a momentary switch on the stick that I connected to the throttle kill button so both are active at the same time for what ever you may wish, timer, motor kill. The rudder pot was simple to center & offers several spring tentions along with offering full 125% sweep from min to max > or <, More than you'll ever use but still capable.
At this moment in time I have just removed the jst female pins from the normal rudder pot plug & replaced them with the jst pins from the 3 axes kit red, yellow, black. (Still trying to figure a switch so I can have both at the flip of a switch 2 stick or single stick ) Work in process there Also Looking into a set of heaver gimbal springs to take up some of the extra stick end weigh. As for now a little adj ( well a lot of adj ) and the stick centers just fine
But all in all I see why Curtis Youngblood like flying a single stick TX
No unwanted rudder input when using the pitch and power LF gimbal ( touchy C/P's for sure a movement issue )
Right hand controls all surface movements.
Rudder movement with aileron angle change smooth...Continue Reading