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Posted by the goon | Sep 19, 2021 @ 06:15 PM | 8,638 Views
Alrighty then,

It had to happen. My wife has become a car person, and wanted a car of her own. She was afraid to hurt the Comet, and won't learn to drive the Metropolitan, so she picked this as her car; 1968 Ford Falcon sports coupe. We are the 4th owners. It was bought new in '68 in LA, traded in in '70 at Bill Morey Ford in Whittier. The 2nd owner bought it there in '70, for $2,100.00. She drove it till 1996, when she parked it in her garage till 2018. Her daughter mentioned it to a neighbor, who bought it in 2018 (owner #3). He went through it (trans/brakes/radiator/fuel system), repainted it original Wimbledon white, added the Weld wheels, removed the side chrome, and we saw it at a local car show in 2019. My wife fell in love with it. We lost track of it during 2020, then saw it again in May of 2021 at the same local show. The car changed hands in September, and we are the 4th owners. It is a factory 302, C4, power steering, vinyl top, factory air, bucket seat car. Interior is all original. There's only 74k on the clock. She couldn't be happier. Only changes are to add a front disk brake conversion, and new carpeting. As usual, all comments/criticism/threats are welcome, and encouraged,
Posted by the goon | Apr 24, 2020 @ 09:24 PM | 9,258 Views
Alrighty then,

Well the second classic car in our stable has been finished; 1959 Nash Metropolitan. Think it turned out pretty well. Not as complete a restoration as the Comet, but just as rewarding, as it was given to us by a very good long time friend. Not running when we received it (had been sitting for several years), it was taken to the Metropolitan Pitstop, in North Hollywood CA. They specialize in ALL things Metro. After all the mechanicals were sorted out, it was brought home, and I learned to drive it (it taught me). Satisfied with my driving ability, we went ahead with the cosmetics. The car was painted by a friend of a friend, who was a retired body shop owner, and his son. Colors are Mustang Bullitt green/Lexus off white. The interior was done by the same gentleman that did the Comet. Drivetrain is still stock; 1500cc 4 banger (53 neck snapping horsepower), 3 speed manual, drum brakes. All of the rubber pieces were replaced, and all the of the chrome/stainless was redone. The fender skirts, and the spare tire cover came with the car, and we added the luggage rack, and my personal hood ornament . All comments/criticism/threats are welcome, and encouraged.

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