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Posted by decuzar | Nov 17, 2018 @ 04:34 PM | 7,533 Views
3dhs 108" extra 330lt

Wingspan: 108"
Length (with spinner): 100" with rudder installed, 90" without rudder
Wing area: 2180 sq. in.
Weight (RTF): 23-28 lbs.

Posted by decuzar | Dec 07, 2017 @ 02:43 PM | 9,010 Views
Okay so Im attempting to build a 3DHS 79" slick 580 very lite, my goal is for the plane to come in at 13lbs wet, I will document my progress along the way, Im not fast so this may take a few months...........



Wingspan: 79 inches
Length: 77 inches
Wing area: 1167 square inches
Weight: 14-15.5 lbs.
Firewall to back of spinner: 6.5 inches

Gas Power System

50CC-55CC single cylinder gas
12-17 oz. fuel tank
22 x 8 gas prop

Posted by decuzar | Jun 29, 2017 @ 07:10 PM | 9,870 Views
Here is a little info on my electric 3dhs Edge 92" to include components and weights

1. Airplane Weight minus batterys 6795g

A. components

1) Motrofly 5335 175KV
2) Jeti Mezon 130 esc (opto)
3) Savox 2271 on surfaces
4) Spektrum ar10000 dsmx receiver with 3 sats
5) Jr power safe switch

B. Battery

1) 12s power Gens Ace 5300 x2
2) receiver power Genasis 60c 2200mah 7.4

2. Airplane weight with batterys ready to fly weight, 8475 grams or 18.6 lbs

92" 3DHS Edge 540
Wingspan: 91 inches
Length: 91 inches
Wing Area: 1500 sq. in.
Weight: 17-20lbs. 272-320 oz.
Wing Loading: 26.11-30.72 oz./sq. ft.
Middle: 28.415 oz./sq. ft.
Posted by decuzar | Jun 05, 2013 @ 03:22 PM | 13,136 Views
I thought I would share some shots of my one season old Extremeflight 60" Extra, she has been down once just minor, but during the repairs I thought I would upgrade my tail servos, I first tried Savox 1251's in my 60" Edge, and I like them so much I decided to do my Extra up the same way, I also found some Hanger 9 pilot heads (.40-.50 size) on EBAY for 4.87 a piece WOW what a smokeing deal so I grabbed up 3 of them...LOL nothing like spares.............

60" Extremeflight 300 Extra EXP
Motrofly 4315 500kv
ZTW 110amp ESC w/castle 10amp BEC
15x8 xoar prop
Hitec 5245 on ailerons
Savox 1251 Elevator and Rudder
Hanger 9...Continue Reading
Posted by decuzar | Apr 14, 2013 @ 04:09 PM | 12,466 Views
This is some shots of my good flying buddies and a beautiful day of flying in East Tenneessee, thats me in the first pic with my Extremeflight 60" Edge exp, 60" extra exp and my wild MXS exp (extremeflight all the way).....the fella with the 3DHS airplanes is my 3D sensei Galen, great flyer and good teacher and my buddy Amos with the Extremeflight 48" 300 exp and the 3dhs 47" velox, hopeing yall have some great flying weather as well....
Posted by decuzar | Jan 23, 2013 @ 07:28 AM | 13,440 Views
Hey I got my new EF 60" Edge almost built, and hope to maiden it this weekend, Im running most of the recommended setup except on the elevator/rudder, heres my list of items used to build this baby

>> new Torque Revolution 4016-500 MK II
>> Hitec 5245 digis on the ailerons
>> Savox SC-1251 on the elevator and rudder
>> The new ZTW 85amp esc B-series running evrything at 6V
>> Xoar 15x8 running on 6s
Posted by decuzar | Jan 17, 2013 @ 01:41 AM | 13,614 Views
Wattaplane/Skywing 540 Edge, WOW this is a cool plane, most folks fly these lite with a 3 cell, while its OK for some I fly a bit heavier than others but not by much. Seeing how this is a 48" full fuselage plane, I decided to power it up a bit, I run an OMEGA 130, with a 12x8 apc prop on 4 cells, I get around 625 watts (got my throttle end points pulled down a bit) this plane flys almost as sharp as my Extremeflight 48" Edge exp, but is actually a bit more stable, she tumbles well and will do anything my 48" balsa will do but just a tad slower.

Omega 130g motor
Value Hobby 4s 2200mah 30c..........these guys have super prices and great batterys
Hitec 65mg servos on aileron and rudder
Hitec 82mg on elevator
ZTW B-series 65amp esc with adjustable volts out, mine is set at 6V AWSUM escs here and smoooooth
Orange receiver with sattelite
Posted by decuzar | Sep 15, 2012 @ 07:49 AM | 13,418 Views
Hey all I thought I would show off my new 3D planes, first up is my Extreme flight 300 XTRA EXP 60" and my Extremeflight 48" Edge, these are both AWSUM planes and Im lovein flying these planes.
Posted by decuzar | Jul 03, 2012 @ 07:36 AM | 14,053 Views
Okay so I moved onto 3D planes and thought I would show off a few of my planes, 1. Techone SU31 (sweet LIL plane) 2. Techone SWIFT (STABLE) 3. 3DHS 330extra 330 epp (this plane flys like a balsa plane) and of course my Techone YAK 54, this is an AWSUM plane......Continue Reading
Posted by decuzar | Oct 09, 2010 @ 06:02 PM | 14,493 Views
My Hobbyzone supercub, these are great learning planes, and ya can mod them up as you get better, this is my second cub, has a flattened wing with 2 5mm wing spars and ailerons, powered by a Power up 480 and Dynam 40amp esc with a 10x7 slow flyer prop.......LOTSA FUN
Posted by decuzar | Jul 11, 2010 @ 07:49 PM | 13,984 Views
some pics of my PZ Trojan, This T28 has had the nose broken off a few times and the tail torn off by me flying it into a tree, picked it up second hand, great flying plane, equipped with a Detrum 60amp esc, Gforce G10 1000kv, and running this one on 4s with a 10x7 prop
Posted by decuzar | Jun 08, 2010 @ 08:42 AM | 15,372 Views
Pics of my P51 BL

1. Carbon fiber wing spar
2. completely covered in white ekonokote
3. carbon fiber vertical and horzontal spars
4. G-force G10 113gram 1000kv Hobbywing 40amp esc on 4s 2200mah lipos

Havnt flown this since the mods and has been a winter project, plane has 3 flights and 3 crashes LOL but it looks pretty sweet now.
Posted by decuzar | May 23, 2010 @ 06:42 PM | 15,567 Views
My favorite plane is my AXN Floater Jet, these can be built and flying for less than 100.00 bucks as long as ya got a radio and some batterys, they float nice, they are pretty fast, and i have seen folks clip the wings and that really makes them roll. When I built this airplane, i didnt do any mods other than a bigger 6x4 prop and a collet much smoother that way than with the retaining rubberbands and my props that came with my floater didnt seem balanced that well, anyway enjoy the pics and get ya one of these
Posted by decuzar | May 22, 2010 @ 01:05 PM | 15,217 Views
These are my Babys first my lovely daughter, holding my TREX 500 and my fleet a TREX 500 and my Blade 400