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Posted by Trouble Maker | Jul 23, 2008 @ 11:00 PM | 14,782 Views
When I decided to get into electric radio control airplanes I ran across RCGroups. I started doing some research and quickly found out the GWS Slow Stick was a very popular trainer. Needless to say I found myself at the LHS picking one up. It wasn't to long after I maiden my first plane that my intrest in Aerial Photography was sparked.

I ran across a thread by TaSaJaRa here on RC Groups and started emailing him. Soon I found my self straping a camera on the bottom of the Slow Stick and flying around my neighbor hood.

I quickly found out that I wanted to do more. I especially wanted to fly something with ailerons. I ordered the Millennium RC SSX and started the build. I decided to do my own build thread here on RC Groups because I had never really been apart or posted to any forums. I was fortunate enough that during the build of my SSX I ran into Moxjett here on RC Groups.

Moxjett lives in the same town as I do and he helped me along the way. He offered up his Super Zoom for me to fly so I could get use to ailerons during the build of the SSX. It gave me a chance to fly with ailerons on an EPP airplane that would better with stand a crash over the balsa wing SSX.

Below you will find the link to the build thread images of my Millennium Slow Stick AP plane and some video and images from the plane. Enjoy!