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Posted by johannes.eissing | Sep 16, 2006 @ 07:50 AM | 4,567 Views
Hi all,

my name is Johannes Eissing and I'm building and flying model airships.
Find my linkedin profile here:
I'm running a Yahoogroup as forum for RC Airship Regattas, see

When I did an internship as a student of aeronautical engineering at CargoLifter Development in 1998, I got addicted to Helium an started this weired hobby. I worked there in the Envelope Group on a so called hydrostatic model test. Find some info on this test method in these NACA reports: "Water model tests for semirigid airships" and "Hydrostatic tests of an airship model"

Later I did my diploma thesis in the Flight Physics Department on model testing for drag and propulsive efficiency. Then I worked there as a design engineer in the Aerodynamics group. After having built two airship models more or less for fun, I proposed an RC scientific research model to do actual flight testing to validate the simulator program. This model had a volume of about 35cbm (115cft) and a length of 10m (33ft), two ballonets (with blowers from a battery vacuum cleaner) and four propellers.

After CargoLifter went insolvent in 2002, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Boeing proposal for a High Altitude Airship. Well, Lockheed Martin got the governmental millions (see High Altitude Airship), I hope not because of my performance calculations ;o)
Then I worked in the Airbus Germany Loads Department for two...Continue Reading