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After glueing all the ribs and wingroot I started the build with the wings. Upper and lower wing have some slight differences in construction, but basically the same. The lower wing is a bit shorter as it will be fixed to the fuselage. The upper wing will be fixed to a roof construction, wood and brasstubes.
Next step was the stabilizer. Very delicate and lightweight construction. I used some carbon rods instead of the bamboo skeewers provided with the kit.
The fuselage is also very lightweight, but astonishingly stable with this "crosswire" construction made of bamboo skeewers.
As the plane was intended to be motorized with a fuel engine, I had to reshape the front part for the electric drive. The engine is fake, made on my 3d printer.
Also the pilots were printed and then painted....Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | May 18, 2021 @ 10:04 AM | 33,648 Views


In an effort to push boundaries Flywoo has designed one of the smallest 'off-the-shelf' hexacopters available - the Firefly Hex nano , a 90mm FPV drone designed to carry the Insta 360go . The Hex nano arrives pre-built and installed with a Caddx Ant 1200tvl and Nano 5v 450mW VTX , an extra connector has been soldered to the main board to supple power to your choice of HD camera. The Hex is powered by a GOKU HEX 13A STACK and 6x ROBO 1202.5 5500KV motors, the supplied props are 40mm HQprops , no battery was supplied

Brand: Flywoo

Item Name: Firefly hex nano ( without GPS Version)
Item Name: 90mm GOKU F4 13A ESC 4S 1.6 Inch Hexacopter
Wheelbase: 90mm
Camera Degree: 15-90
Weight: 57.9g (without battery)

...Continue Reading
Posted by Craycle Hobby | May 18, 2021 @ 09:08 AM | 27,615 Views
FPV ORCA test parts available on Cults3d for free. You can download now:

You can take a test print before buying for see the print details.

Follow us for more information and to be informed new models on instagram:
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | May 18, 2021 @ 08:16 AM | 23,918 Views
ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427-S, 9106S) New Version First Drive Impression! 3S Lipo (1 min 31 sec)

Short video about my drive impression of the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427-S, 9106S) New Version! Its definitely faster than the old version of the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10. even with the wheelie bar it easily flips over.

If you like to buy the OLD ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) :

Or buy the NEW version here:

Motor and ESC set.
ZD Racing 7201 Upgraded Metal Reduction Gear.
ZD Racing Metal Wheel Carrier Rear 7189.
ZD Racing 10421-S 10427-S Rear Axle No.7190.
ZD Racing 1:10 10427-S Transparent Car Shell 7382.

Please visit my website!

#rccars #banggood
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Most people know that electric motors use electricity to produce motion, but few know how many different ways there are to accomplish this task. There seems to be no need to create new ways to accomplish the same task, but engineers have good reason to do so. Some motors are driven by DC current, some by AC, and some by a combination of the two, with specific energy transfer methods that are unique to each motor. As a result, there are many types of DC and AC Motors, each with its own advantages in certain applications.

synchronous motor

synchronous motor

What is a synchronous motor?
synchronous motors are considered to be a type of AC motor specifically designed to address the limitations of induction motors, another prolific class of AC motor. Induction motors, as their name implies, use electromagnetic induction to generate mechanical energy; however, their main drawback is the "slip" phenomenon that occurs. This "slip" is the difference between the AC frequency of oscillation and the frequency of rotation, and is a direct result of using induction effects to produce rotation. Although not particularly important for most applications, because of this slip, ordinary induction motors cannot be used for precisely timed applications and are therefore called "asynchronous" motors.

Synchronous motors, on the other hand, are made so that the output rotational frequency is exactly equal to the input AC frequency. They can be...Continue Reading
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For users of electric soldering irons, performance is one aspect, and complete equipment and portability are the most important aspects. Today, I come to recommend a SQ-001 best welding tool bag with both performances.

This combination is the kit included in the box. You can choose the adapter plug suitable for different countries, which provides a stable 19V power supply for the soldering iron.

You can use the 19V 3.42A power adapter (EU/US) plug at home.

At the same time, if you need outdoor welding friends, you will also be satisfied. Because SQ-001 can be powered directly by lithium batteries. You can keep SQ-001 working normally as long as you carry the power bank. Allows you to flexibly apply various welding scenarios.

In fact, if you have purchased the SQ-001 Best Soldering Toolkit, the solder suction wire and solder paste are regarded as free gifts on the website. This will be the link in the description, and the order will be accompanied by these gifts.

There is a flux paste, which is not included in the regular packaging. It is an add-on product.

In addition, there are solder wires. Its nice to see long-life solder wires. I can put them on all the bad joints I make, then I can remove them, touch and heat them, and then suck them into the solder. When I took it away, the welding was complete. It works very well and brings you easy work.


Please use a grounding clamp, appropriate power supply and other accessories to ensure safe use.
...Continue Reading
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Some ideas for mounting a motor on a metal angle were conceived. The problem is the metal angle has to be as wide as the screw holes, the seal has to be a wider diameter than the metal & the tire has to be a wider diameter than the seal. It takes a very wide tire to enclose the encoder & large diameter for most of its width to enclose the seal. The encoder would have to go inside the motor & the metal angle would have to be little wider than the motor shaft. It would have to fan out inside the seal to attach to the motor screws. This doesn't allow any motor cooling.

So the existing motor modules with large diameter tires remaned. The C rings still tend to pop out if it hits the ground real hard, causing the wheels to slide out of their bearings.
Posted by jomamamoto1969 | May 17, 2021 @ 07:43 PM | 22,680 Views
I just recently purchased the new dragon link v3 slim complete kit and a extra v3 micro rx. I got everything up and running telemetry is all working. I am getting a humming from the taranis speaker, only when using the dragon link tx. If I switch to another model that uses the internal rf module the noise goes away. All antennas are tight. I did not get this on the same radio using the old dragon link v2 that does not have telemetry. Is there something I am missing here.
Mini-Review / Posted by / May 17, 2021 @ 03:52 PM / 29,268 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
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Posted by Cabledawg1 | May 17, 2021 @ 12:39 PM | 25,650 Views
Shipped Integy setup station to Jason in MA
Posted by GEMFAN ts | May 17, 2021 @ 02:43 AM | 33,957 Views
Here are 2 of the 4 NEW Freestyle Propellers release from Gemfanhobby!

𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘆𝗹𝗲 𝟯
Best for lighter Freestyle Quad without Gopro
Pitch:3'' Weight:3.5g SUG Quad Weight 550-650g
REC Motor: 4S 2300-2500kv 6S 1650-1950KV

𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘆𝗹𝗲 𝟰
Good for ALL Freestyle Quad with Gopro
Pitch:3.6" Weight:3.6g SUG Quad Weight 550-750g
REC Motor: 4S 2300-2500kv 6S 1650-1950KV
Colors: Jade Green, Raspberry Red, Peach Pink, Mango Yellow, Midnight Gray
Posted by cuavlindy | May 17, 2021 @ 01:15 AM | 31,213 Views
CUAV new products published on exhibition.
We will have live streaming on the exhibition on PST time 22:30PM 20th May.
Hope to see you online
Posted by burkefj | May 17, 2021 @ 12:46 AM | 35,247 Views
Another flight from the Tri cities launch in Washington this weekend.

R/C F-117 Stealth fighter Rocket glider (1 min 39 sec)

Posted by old4570 | May 16, 2021 @ 10:28 PM | 32,667 Views
Macchi M5 @ BG

Wow ! This is different ! I saw this on Banggood and thought , yeah , thats different . ( It really is different )

Different good , or different bad ? Looks great though . ( )

Building the MinimumRC Macchi M5 Flying Boat (22 min 35 sec)

Maiden Flight MinimumRC Macchi M5 Flying Boat (5 min 5 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Alternative to soldering probe wires to the battery leads
Posted by Blaze0021 | May 16, 2021 @ 02:49 PM | 33,854 Views
FMS ASW-17 PNP 2500mm Glider Flight (11 min 22 sec)

With a 2500mm wing span, you would probably guess that the FMS ASW-17 is a complicated and daunting model. Nothing could be further from the truth. With clip-in / click attachments for the wing and tail surfaces, this model was very easy to assemble with no tools required.

I also had a Turnigy Large Glider Backpack which makes transporting and storing this model even easier:

Flying this model was every bit as satisfying. I could not ask for a better glider model that satisfies every "tick" in my "must have" requirements - Easy to assemble / disassemble / transport, large (its bigger than myself), a lot of power for the size, every RC cliche you can say like "flies on rails" (I dislike that saying btw.. the last thing I saw fly on rails was a Ford Bronco that flew off a guard rail on I-25).

An amazing FMS PNP glider model, it is definitely, "Bigger than life."

1) RX - Spektrum AR630 antenna-less RX (AS3X-enabled)
2) TX - Spektrum DX8 (G2)
3) Lipo - Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C (234 grams)
4) CG - 77mm from leading edge of main wing (Range is 70-80mm)
4) Throttle Timer - Set to 5 Minutes
5) Control Rod Placement - Per Manual
6) Rates - All surfaces (Aileron / Elevator / Rudder) set to 125% with 5% Expo to the Elevator only.
7) Flap Settings:
Flaps Up at -100% with 0% Down Elevator
Mid Flaps...Continue Reading
Posted by jmxp69 | May 16, 2021 @ 02:43 PM | 31,717 Views
I've been trying to squeeze the most out of this budget 4k camera and with the help of ffmpeg and the most awesome derperview non-linear stretch tool I think I've got a pretty awesome result. Of course the flying can use some work:

Cheap 4k Combo with Solid Results • Diatone Roma F5 and Runcam5 Orange (7 min 14 sec)

Posted by BernardW | May 16, 2021 @ 12:01 PM | 25,551 Views
I just had my AstraZenica COVID jab today and I'm getting a bit of a reaction. A lot of people do, I'm not concerned and I don't feel in any danger, but it's not 100% smooth sailing. They cleared it for 50-year olds just a few days after my 50th birthday and I know a lot of the jobs and venues I do are going to require it sooner or later so I thought, why not, it's free. Now about 10 hours later I've started to feel sore and mildly feverish... if you've ever had a dose of blood poisoning it's like that but a lot milder. Still not what you call pleasant.
Anyway. Still happy to do it. I feel it's worth it. I had my hepatitis A and B shots years ago and that made me feel rotten for 5 days, if that's what Hep feels like I'm glad I'm protected against it. 5 days mild symptoms to prevent years of potentially much worse, yep, sign me up.
Of course not everyone feels like I do about it and you make your own choices, I just wanted to report on how it went for me. I'm inviting any replies and discussion about it anyone cares to make. Good to discuss these things and get ppl asking and answering questions
Posted by DutchRC | May 16, 2021 @ 11:21 AM | 30,336 Views
Halloa RC people

not so much a review video this time.. This is more-less a vlog of me testing several things.. I am in the process of testing:
+ Orqa FPV.One FPV Goggle
+ Wfly ET16S radio
+ ZOHD Drift airplane

And I guess I'm also still in the process of trying the Gopro 9 (this is my second video recorded with the cam)

Soooo some things worked out great.. some not so much

Orqa FPV.One + Wfly ET16S + ZOHD Drift + ZOHD VC400 (19 min 48 sec)

Posted by | May 16, 2021 @ 07:15 AM | 31,422 Views
Here is my in depth review of the 104001 looking at the design, build quality and performance of this car. I've tortured this thing daily for the past month to see what I could find out. There are definite shortcomings and some solid benefits so you'll need to decide what is important to you to guide your purchase decision.

Here is a key quote from my review:

The Bottom Line
This is a well designed car that is based on a proven racing machine. There are obvious shortcomings in this model, most notably the chassis flex as a result of costing a fraction of the price of the car it is based on. These are only small issues though on a car that is generally over-engineered for the power system it is supplied with. This means that it should be super-durable if you wish to keep it stock but should easily handle a lot more power if you choose to upgrade - a great car to start and grow with.

...Continue Reading