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Posted by Huey N | Sep 04, 2020 @ 06:55 PM | 6,742 Views
I decided to visit James Kiger for the 2nd time today to pick up a set of SE5a plans. James, at a young 92 years of age had stories to tell of all sorts. His studio area was the same as I saw it a year ago, but a little more cleaned up because, "This is the last of it" quoted Jim.

Jim - "are you building an SE5a?"
....Yes, only 4 times smaller.
Jim - " oh you're and RC builder, what kit do you have?"
....1/4 scale Boddington
Jim - " ah David Boddington. Nice man."

Jim pulled out a binder full of photographs of rc models referenced from Replicraft plans. There were photos of a 5th scale Hanriot HD1 he built himself, but sold it to a gentleman in Southern California. I asked if he had flown the model before selling it. Jim looked back immediately with a grin as if I was nuts - we both laughed. He proceeded to show a series of plans not as detailed for smaller scale modeling, but never had a chance to offer them to the public.

Jim - "Tell all of your buddies if they want plans, please get them now. If anybody wants to buy Replicraft, it's for sale. I'm 92 and I don't have much time."

My heart sank. We talked for a bit more and asked Jim if I could take pictures of his work area to post for his fans. He was delighted.

Jim - " if you want to call it a studio - there's not much to see"
..... I think it's really about what came out of this place Jim.

He handed me his last roll of unused vellum as a memento along with the SE5a plans.
Posted by Huey N | Sep 05, 2017 @ 12:35 AM | 7,000 Views
Model designed by Tom Mansell.

A few months to build but it ended up looking quite nice. More pictures to come. On going forum :
Huy's Sky Baby Maiden Flight 111216 (2 min 18 sec)