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The Committee of the AMAS makes no apologies for decisions we have made and will continue to make in line with our constitution especially in relation to membership issues.

It is a fact of life that some people will not be afforded the privilege of membership of AMAS.

It is not unreasonable to expect that those that have and do use a public forum to criticize and attack the AMAS, its policies and its executive, in order to directly or indirectly discredit the organization can reasonably expect that a future application for membership to the AMAS will not be viewed favorably.

Those who have in the past engaged in such conduct, but have nevertheless been extended the hand of friendship and been granted the privilege of membership on the proviso (and their guarantee) that they would cease such conduct and agree to use the constitutional procedures to air grievances, similarly risk their membership status should they return to such practices.

It is regrettable that such action is ever required to be taken however it would be a dereliction of the obligations of the committee to ignore such conduct. It has indeed happened in the past and there is little doubt that in the future the committee will again be required to make similar decision in the interest of our members and the well being of the society.

Again the committee makes no apology for any of its decisions it takes in regard to membership issues and will not be intimidated or dissuaded from such decisions especially by any person who is neither a member of our society (nor has any intention of becoming one) nor any other person who would willingly ignore the provisions of our constitution and attempt to damage the reputation of the organization towards their own ends.

The society will afford this matter no further attention outside our obligations to our membership under our constitution.
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A communiqué from the AMAS President:

As per an undertaking given by our Society to Dr Aleck, Associate Director CASA, we provide the attached letter.

The AMAS has considered the letter and other than an apparent misunderstanding regarding our interaction with personnel from the Sport Aviation office, we are pleased that the substance of the report of our meeting with the Associate director which appeared in our newsletter, has not been disagreed with.

We have again been in contact with the Associate Director and welcomed the commitment of the CASA to dealing with both national aero-modeling associations in an even handed and equitable manner (which we consider is the thrust of his attached letter), and in this regard we are pleased to advise that an invitation has been extended to the Society to attend the forthcoming Sport Aviation Safety Forum hosted by CASA later this month.

CASA response to the AMAS

Kind Regards

Ian Macgregor
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Flying side-by-side with AMAS members - An open letter to all Committees and members of MAAA Affiliated Clubs

Since the emergence of AMAS on the aero-modeling scene, much misinformation has been circulating regarding whether MAAA clubs or members can fly alongside those who have joined our new society.

The most significant of these myths surround alleged insurance issues which have caused many MAAA members and clubs to believe that :-

1… MAAA affiliated clubs are prevented from permitting AMAS members to fly at their fields

2… MAAA affiliated clubs are prevented from allowing some of their members to join AMAS

3… the insurance coverage of MAAA members may be voided by the insurer if they fly alongside AMAS members.

AMAS believes that it is time that these myths were dispelled and that MAAA members and clubs were made aware that there are no barriers to members of the MAAA flying alongside members of AMAS, either as visitors or indeed even as full or associate members of an MAAA affiliated club.

The first point we would like to make is there has been no written direction to MAAA affiliates from the MAAA Insurer indicating that their insurance coverage of MAAA members would be voided on the basis of whom MAAA members fly alongside.

Such advice has of course been asked for by many clubs but as yet no one has seen anything from the insurer which indicates they will void a members insurance if that member flies alongside a non-affiliated person.

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Hi All,
Recently we have become aware of some misinformation being circulated about AMAS. In an effort to correct the untruths please see the below.

Q) Do the AMAS executive receive any remuneration?
A) No. The AMAS committee are all volunteers that donate their time and resources to furthering the hobby. In fact many of the committee recently put their hand into their pocket to travel around for the instructor courses.

Q) What do AMAS spend their money on?
A) Members. In fact members are encouraged to view the financials which must come as a surprise for new members migrating from other organisations.

Q) Why do you encourage park flying?
A) its important to remember that many formal clubs in Australia sit on park land. Provided you have the permission of the land holder and you abide by CASR 101-3 then you will enjoy insurance coverage. Its also important to remember many regional towns simply will not have a club in close proximity so a prospective member may wish to approach a local government or land holder for permission to fly. A WA aero-body has been doing this for sometime and should be commended.

Q) Is it true that the AMAS has little or no members?
A) No that's not true. We have members joining us each week. The organisation is growing rapidly and we are extremely happy with the growth to-date.

Q) is it true that your membership numbers are declining?
No, quite the opposite. Some aero-modelling societies are experiencing dramatic declines in membership...Continue Reading