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Posted by KiwiKid | Feb 24, 2015 @ 08:02 AM | 12,414 Views
Been working on the Ogar recently and took it to the beach for its maiden flights. She's built pretty much stock. I added some cockpit detail and pilots and strengthened bits here and there. Flying with a 2200 battery and 44g of nose weight so could go up to a 2500 or so as the battery is currently all the way forward.

Fun model to fly and certainly looks different in the sky. Great park flier, thermaler, sloper and AP ship due to its RES (rear electric sustainer) set up. It has also become popular with FPV dudes o/a of the large space in the forward fuse:

Here's a vid of the maiden flights.

In the first part of the vid the model is just cruising around close in at a quarter throttle and then we head out to the ridge.

SZD-45 Ogar (3 min 58 sec)

Posted by KiwiKid | Feb 15, 2015 @ 07:38 AM | 11,547 Views
Hobby King are still selling the 2.4m version of the Habicht with the 2.6m available from the Aussie and US West warehouses.

I was never very keen on the 2.4m version due to the frail fuse, but one time in a Cyber Monday sale HK had them for sale for a few hours at $40USD so I thought "What the hell". For that price I could spend a bit of time knocking it into shape.

Got around to working on it recently and made a few mods to strengthen the fuse with some extra bracing and ripped all the innards out of the front section and laid in CF cloth, then put everything back plus added a deck for the battery and nose weight.

Will see how well that holds up over time.

Rest of the build was pretty straight forward and we were done.

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Posted by KiwiKid | Feb 11, 2015 @ 05:10 AM | 11,336 Views
I picked up one of these recently on a bit of a whim as I liked the powered glider set up it was designed as and have access to some neat slope sites to fly it at.

Here's a vid of the maiden flights. First flight was behind the ridge in a 10kts turbulent breeze, then out to the ridge in 15kts. Really a neat model to fly.

HobbyKing Wingnetic (3 min 45 sec)

I have flown it several times recently in fairly calm conditions and have really been enjoying it. Very good bang for a buck.