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Posted by KiwiKid | Nov 03, 2006 @ 08:48 PM | 14,346 Views
I purchased an elliptical wing glider as a crash wreck recently for 20 bucks.
Had to strip off the old covering, repair about 20% of the framework and recover with tissue and dope (my first experience of this). Read up techniques on RCG and was quite pleased with the finished result - rather fragile covering though so have to be careful handling it.
I recalled that the Horten brothers built an elliptical wing glider which they called the Parabola, so decided to do this model up in German markings to represent what a production powered version of their Parabola might have looked like as a reconnaissance bomber.
She’s powered by a Hyperion HP-Z3007-26, with a 2500mah 3 cell lipo and 30 amp ESC generating 245 watts. AUW with battery is 2.1 pounds so she motors along nicely.
Its amazing what the Horten’s managed to do without the aid of a computer or advanced materials. My Parabola cheats a bit by having winglets, but they look cool and make it very stable. Glides extremely well and is much more manoeuvrable than I thought it would be, some pics below.