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RC Tip #21 - Make your Plastic Clevises & Control Rods more Secure

Here is a link to the Video:

I have used these Control Horns & Plastic Clevises on my Micro Parkjets and they have worked great!
I decided to use them on my Mini Parkjet as well.
Since the Mini Parkjet is much larger and heavier than my Micro Parkjet I decided to make them a bit more secure ;-)

Here is a link to these Control Horns & Clevises:

20X Rudder Servo Rob Angle Set With 1mm Chuck Screw For RC Airplane

Here is a link to 1mm Control Rod:

K&S Precision Metals Piano Wire (1mm x 910mm) (0.039" x 36") (Qty 1)

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Hi, not sure if I have to post this here but Iíll give it a try. I need help, I found my dad old rc car. Itís a tyco rc Lamborghini countach 9.6v. Quick story, my grand pa was a mad fan of rc cars and trucks, just before he past away he bought the Lamborghini for my dad. Didnít get the chance to spend much time with neither of them. When I was younger I remember spending hours playing with the lambo. Unfortunately i remember waking up one day and seeing the lambo broken. I remember that my dad got real sad and never talked about it again. Iím 26 now and still a big fan of rc cars. My dad is a old grumpy man, I decided to surprise him by fixing the car. The thing is I have no clue how to do it or know where to get the parts from. I tried eBay and a couples of weird sites.I have whatís left of the lambo. Iím asking if anyone got one like mine or is willing to sell me parts or something. Everything seem to be broken but Iím going to go ahead and give a try to bring joy to my dad by surprising him and fixing it or making him believe I did. Please let me know if anyone has anything to help!
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6 Days Till Christmas ......

Raven DLG ..

Today I got balancing .
Had to move the CG forward as the Raven is really Elevator sensitive and flies with a decent amount of Down elevator .
Had to make a extension cable for the new / Larger / heavier / 1s battery .

The weather is trying it's best to replicate a South East Asian jungle .. ( Humid as hell )
And I really can't stand humidity , too much like having a 10 ton truck parked on my lungs .
Just wares me down almost instantly .
Anyhow ! The raven is ready to ( maybe ) be broken again ..

Stuff !
Those Christmas goodies !
Yeah , I think I may have over indulged = ME !!!!

HK A800 , I really want to park this ASAP , just soo many toys to play with .
I just hope I have been a good boy !
2018 = Bad weather , not sure . but maybe the worst year ever for RC (?) Flying in anyway .

6 Days Everyone .
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Tips for a Subscriber - Elevator Replacement on the WLToys F949 Cessna 182

Here is a link to the Video:

I have a Subscriber that asked if I could do a Tutorial on replacing the Elevator & Vertical Stabilizer Assembly on the WLToys F949 Cessna 182.
Here it is, as a Show & Tell Tutorial and Tips on how I would perform this procedure.
I'm not going to actually remove the Assembly on my plane as I have no replacement parts but this should help you with the process as this is how I would do it.

Here is a link to this great little plane:

Here is a link to the Elevator & Vertical Stabilizer assembly:

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Super Ez FMS 92218 MOV trim Trim2
Super Ez FMS 92218 MOV trim Trim2 (8 min 35 sec)

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crossfire setup

In the Taranis, long press the Menu button, then press page till you get to the “Hardware” page.
On the Hardware page, there will be an option for “Max bauds”.
Change the Baudrate from 40000 to 115200. This will slow down the communication between the Taranis and the module, but it’ll fix the issue.
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Magellan 121818 2

Magellan 121818 2 (18 min 26 sec)

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Fms super ezz and field hawk at end 121818
Fms super ezz and field hawk at end 121818 (10 min 48 sec)

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Excalibur today
Excalibur 121818 (10 min 40 sec)

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Magellan xl
Magellan 1 121818 (26 min 19 sec)

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Freewing 90MM F-22 BUILD VIDEO
Freewing F-22 Raptor 90mm EDF Jet - FULL BUILD (18 min 50 sec)

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Flight # 65ish. Edited from one continuous flight shoot. Not my best landing, but took the points for the Fast and Furious drift. Not bad for this being the first time my friend used this camera. I hope you enjoy it.

T 1 Mini Turbine Jet (3 min 48 sec)

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Buy from whichever vendor has the lowest price. Prices are correct at the time of posting $55.95 $53.99

Brand name: XK
Item number: A800
Wingspan: 780mm
Length: 530mm
Height: 133mm
Material: EPO
Flying weight: about 110g
Motor: N60 iron core
Battery: 7.4v 300mAh
Flying time: about 20 minutes
Charge time: about 40 minutes
Transmitter mode: 2.4G
Transmitter range: about 200 meters

* Detachable wing structure with reinforced carbon Rod,easy to carry.
* 3D6G stabilization and reasonable aerodynamic layout make flying is very stable, beginners also can fly easily.
* 3D 6G mode can be converted easily.
* 3D lock mode is improve posture and increase stability.Even primary level can fly it as an expert.6G mode kepp stabilization, which keep the airplane stable flying pose when you looese the transmitter in any case.
* High-capacity large-rate 7.4V Li-po battery, flight time more than 10 minutes.
* The aircraft is quick installation and replacement structure, easy to carry.
* You can choose 720P/ 1080P HD, 30 frames / 200-400 million pixels HD camera, 5G WIFI VTX.

...Continue Reading
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Emax Tiny Hawk Review (11 min 35 sec)

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Got this for my 2s whoops mainly and very pleased with it so wanted to share it with others.
As far as I know it is the only 4 port 2s charger in this handy small size , has mains built in and can also run off a battery and has most of the facilities used by the bigger chargers for a fraction of the price.

18 December 2018 (11 min 29 sec)

Got mine here.

Good points
Chagres 2s and 1s lipos 4 at a time independently
Shows mah, per cell voltage, current for each lipo in 4 separate displays.
Runs off mains power or battery.
Can set current charge rate
Does normal and HV lipos
Charges NiMH battery too.

Bad points
Slightly bigger than a 6 port 1s charger but not much
Whoop batteries with ph2.0 with no wires cannot fit all 4 in at once unless a extention is made
Cannot set individual current charge rate independently
No storage voltage setting.

Definitely a great option both at home and for outside for charging smaller lipos and the only real option for 2s whoop really, much smaller and quieter than an equivalent full size charger.
Voltage was exactly 4.2 per cell on every battery I charged .
If you fly small micros that use 1s and in particular 2s this is a must imho.


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Out again this morning. This Cub has got my vote for best foam scale Cub on the market.
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Hello everyone. What has been your experience with Windrider? I preordered the Boeing 737 mid October. Ming sent an email November 11 advising it would be shipped the next day. I asked for a tracking number which I never received. It is now December 18 and still hasn't arrived. Ming answered my emails until recently, but quit doing so. I paid nearly $600 dollars via Paypal, but have no idea where my plane is. I really want it but am about to try to get a refund. Comments? Suggestions?

Thanks, Dave
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What I know about this plane is that itís The Mignet hm.14 G-ADMH,The British Pou, aka ďthe flying fleaĒ. The wingspan is 66 inches. I've talked to several hobby shops and was told that this was custom built. There are no kits or planes like this on any market, besides old pictures of one tan one. The only thing we found was templates and books on how to build. Iím trying to get more information to sell this one of a kind. I can send more pictures upon request.