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Posted by BDOG1 | Oct 07, 2020 @ 08:03 PM | 1,128 Views
We finally got a forecast for wind from the right direction {NW}
With predicted 22 to 35 mph changing from west to NW around 4:00 , I headed out arriving on the top just after 4:00.
Earlier in the day we had a passing line of thunder showers that brought heavy rain and 1/4 hail , but now it was a sunny 62 degrees
The wind quartered back and forth between west and north west pretty much all the time I was there so it was pretty rough and bumpy .

I flew all my planes starting with the ODR and finishing up with the ASW - 22, spending about 2 hours before coming back down at 6:00,all in all a great time back out in the fresh air and wind.
Posted by BDOG1 | Aug 06, 2020 @ 04:15 PM | 4,960 Views
I have not been out on the slope since 6/5 with either no wind or wind blowing every direction but the needed NW for the last 2 months.
I could not stand to wait any longer for a much needed fix {or at least a nice walk to the top on a beautiful summer day }
so with a forecast of a 10mph west I loaded up my Crystal and headed out .
The forecast was spot on with a measured max of 10mph on my Hall wind Gage .

I launched any found I could intermittently catch some slope lift off the north west tip of the hill that wasn't quite shaded by the tree line that is on the south side.
With all the sunshine large thermals were passing through out in front of the hill , I was alternating between out front of the hill and the face as the conditions ebbed and flowed .
After about a hour the wind was dying so I landed and headed back down to my car...
What's that they say - a not so good day of flying is better than an good day of work
Keep them in the air Boy's
Posted by BDOG1 | Jun 18, 2020 @ 09:27 PM | 10,072 Views
Also nearing completion from my build Que is a Balsa USA Sopwith Pup.
Powered by a Zenoha G-38 , All that I have left to do is to mount the cowl and do a final balance before maiden.
It could be a busy weekend
Posted by BDOG1 | Jun 18, 2020 @ 08:33 AM | 7,220 Views
While the wind has subsided for the moment so , I have also been finishing some Gas projects that have been on my "to do list"
Pictured below is a 1/4 scale cub that I have been working on .
A Enya120 R has been mounted for the power system { I wanted to use a gasser but my 23cc is side exhaust and would require cutting up the cowl more than I wanted } ,a different spare set of wings have been moumted and all servos have been installed.
Next I fabricated new wing struts and hardware -see below
Posted by BDOG1 | Jun 11, 2020 @ 09:30 AM | 16,757 Views
I maidened another bird Tuesday night .
With just a trace of a breeze after dinner ,I took out a "new to me " Albatross 2 .7 to put my first flight on .

A Beautiful ship ,she launched with out effort and flew very smoothly .
It has big flaps that allow you to point the nose toward the ground for that pinpoint landing without picking up speed .

The power system was more than needed,I climbed out only using 1/2 to 3/4 throttle , Lots of get up and go if needed
Posted by BDOG1 | Jun 06, 2020 @ 09:28 PM | 4,890 Views
Out to the hill again today
The forecast was for 10 to 13 mph by mid afternoon but arriving at noon we found the hang glider guy's packing up and heading home...
At the top we discovered a solid 20 with gusts up to 30 ....Oh Yea !
We had the hill all to ourselves .

The wind built as the afternoon went on ,with big thermals {and sink} passing through to keep the flying interesting .
The temperature was in the high 70's
A perfect afternoon of sloping .
After 3 hours of flying we headed back down the hill to our cars and packed up , I measured the wind at my car and it was blowing 18 mph on the flat .
Posted by BDOG1 | Jun 03, 2020 @ 04:31 PM | 6,099 Views
I got a chance to duck out and do some sloping today.
The forecast only called for a 1 hr window of the correct direction wind,I have wanted to get out with my 3m Crystal to see if she flew as well on the slope as she had for her maiden "flat land " outing .
Please see below :
Posted by BDOG1 | May 14, 2020 @ 08:03 PM | 7,314 Views
We got back out on the hill yesterday for a little sun and Slermal flying.
The conditions were very different from the previous outing , temps in the mid 50's {no snow } and a whole hill full of hang gliders
It was very nice to be able to soak up some sun ,watch the hang gliders do their thing and get a little air time ourselves .
Posted by BDOG1 | May 09, 2020 @ 08:46 PM | 7,418 Views
I lost these from the last post
Posted by BDOG1 | May 06, 2020 @ 08:30 PM | 7,441 Views
This was a plane that I swapped for a few years back ,I didnt know what it was but I liked it's lines and T-tail
I wound up striping all the covering and pulling out the aileron cables and installing servos in the wings.
I also striped and repainted the fuse ,I added some glass and Kevlar to the fuse where it had some past damage.

It also has spoiler blades in the wing activated by cables ,I probably should have changed them out for servos in the wing also as I think they are a pain to hook up - they still need some attention to get the throws correct, I didn't use them tonight .
The canopy is pretty beat up ,it looks like the original broke and someone tried to shrink a bottle over the top of it to repair, I will spend some time on that later .
After a rough balance showed it needed more than a pound of lead I was a bit put off but decided to go with what it needed and see if it would fly, I am new to these bigger birds and currently dont have a good knowledge base for what is heavy .
A check with a watt meter showed I was only drawing 15 amps and 150 watts on the current 3-S set up ,The prop is only 9" {I will be proping it up latter }

50 degrees at 7:00 in the evening with just a wisp of wind and it was time for a launch.
A hefty throw from my buddy Lynn saw it drop about a foot and then slowly climb out ,I caught a bump of lift at a tree line on the edge of the field we were flying from ,she flew smooth and pretty fast with a pretty nice glide {it took a couple of circuits of the field to bleed off enough altitude to set up for landing}
The plane required no trim and felt comfortable the whole flight .
I will be changing out the current prop to a much larger diameter to load up the motor .
A very good end to the day !
Posted by BDOG1 | May 04, 2020 @ 10:36 PM | 6,962 Views
With the warmer weather from this past weekend behind us and our temps falling back into the 40's we we were greeted by building NW winds on our hill today .
Experience has shown that our actual winds at the top of the hill run 3 to 5 mph above the forecast ,true to form the predicted 12 mph rising to 15
became 15 mph to 20 once we reached the top
What a perfect day to maiden a new 5.3 oz Epee 1 meter DLG

We flew for 3 1/2 hours putting up the Epee , a Fling DLG ,a 1meter Hawk , a 48"Bull Dog combat wing , a 60 " Uhu and my new T tail Pilatus B4 .
I am sorry - not to many pictures - was too busy flying
A very good way to start the month of May !
Posted by BDOG1 | Apr 20, 2020 @ 02:25 PM | 7,767 Views
My buddy Pat and I did a road trip to the middle of the state {south of Syracuse } to try out some sloping in our newest member's {Kirk } local area .
It was a beautiful day with temps reaching 60 when we arrived.

The hill we were on is the open top of a farmer's meadow with woods surrounding on all sides,this hill faces south with a a long valley out front ,a really pretty part of the state.

The farmers had already plowed their fields in the valley below so with the ample sun light we knew there would be a lot of thermals coming through ,the forecast called for 12 to 15 mph winds - large hawks soaring just to the right of our position on the hill predicted good things .

It turned out that the hot set up was to launch at the steepest portion of the hill as a thermal was coming thru,once above the tree line the lift was pretty good and you could continue to gain altitude and range out .
Our buddy Kirk had no problem flying his 1.5 Falcon DLG or his 1M Hawk as he could throw the DLG's into the lift above the tree line .

As the day progressed a weather system coming in from the west brought colder temps,clouds and turned the wind across the face of the hill from south to south west ,killing most of the lift .
After 3 hours of flying/ being out ,we packed up our gear even as sprinkles started to fall .
a Good Day on a Hill
Posted by BDOG1 | Apr 10, 2020 @ 07:34 PM | 6,716 Views
Back out again,today the snow stuck....I wouldn't want to miss one more opportunity to fly in the snow before spring
Rougher than yesterday with constant wind shifts and gusts over 40 mph .
Still got a short flight in on a LEG P-40
Flights on a Dan Wing 48 Bulldog and a GEMS One Design Racer
Many Birds of Prey were out flying top cover over us {or showing how it's really done }
Posted by BDOG1 | Apr 09, 2020 @ 05:24 PM | 5,856 Views
The weather here in New York State continues to amaze - We started the day with heavy rain ,followed by heavy snow {nothing stuck } followed by 50 degrees and sun in the afternoon.........And Wind - it Must be sloping Time

I put the 13 oz Mini machine up and flew a couple of flights while I adjusted my rates and expo ,very rough conditions with gusts and wind shifting across the face {in for a penny in for a pound }Not great conditions to fine tune , but I learned a bit.

All limbered up it was time to get my first flight on the TUCAN , I had picked her up from the west coast with some damage {the nose had been broken off } and the boom had been repaired .
I repaired the nose with some glass and added some Kevlar for good measure .

Even with the less than perfect conditions she launched with out a problem and cut through the slop like a hot knife thru butter.
A couple of clicks of down kept the nose flat through the gusts, ailerons and rudder felt very comfortable.
I still need to get the down elevator compensation programmed .
A great afternoon on the slope .
Posted by BDOG1 | Apr 02, 2020 @ 08:27 PM | 9,945 Views
Oh Ya - second day in a row and this time with some good wind over 20mph
I maiden'd the mini Machine and also my buddy's 48 " Bull Dog
A good afternoon of flying , got there at 2:00 came down at 4:30
I am ready for some time back in the shop
Posted by BDOG1 | Apr 01, 2020 @ 08:55 PM | 6,713 Views
April first 2020 and a chance to get outside into the sunshine with a predicted 10mph wind from the north.
I have not tried to fly this direction with wind this light ,but out I went..full sunshine and a balmy 46 degrees ..

I flew the Bug first,I had built a couple of them a half a dozen years ago and had not flown them on a real hill, just tossed them around sloping hay bales a in a friends field .

The wind felt stronger than the predicted 10 , I was still using my transmitter glove { was glad I did, when clouds passed over , my hands were toasty warm inside }
Since I had not flown this in ages and was now on a new transmitter {This is a rudder/ elevator ship,and I fly rudder on the left stick } Do I launch with my left hand and keep my finger on the elevator stick .
Or launch with my right hand and have my finger on the rudder stick.
I launched with my left betting on needing elevator control first,as it turned out the elevator was not too far off and the wind turned her before I could get my left hand inside the glove...she set down with out damage about 20 feet away {shows why I am not a gambling man }
Next launch with my{ right hand } was no problem,flew her around and trimmed her out ,seemed a little tail heavy with a bit of a tuck once so I ,landed and added some lead to the nose .
Out again and tooled around for the next 20 minutes - Great fun , something this light shouldn't be able to handle this much wind

Time for the HK 1M dlg,I had...Continue Reading
Posted by BDOG1 | Mar 14, 2020 @ 09:26 PM | 9,261 Views
Today found me on the hill with friends , temps in the mid 30's and predicted WNW winds of 12mph once again exceeding the prediction with actual measured levels at 15 to 20 with higher gusts .

I put the Acacia up first as the wind was supposed to diminish as the day went on .
The launch was a non event {Thank You Lynn } , once trimmed She really rewarded smooth flying and keeping the energy up .
I did not know if a ship this heavy {80oz} would fly on our hill in our conditions but thought that I could at least check the trim ,I wound up with a bit of up elevator {maybe a bit nose heavy } and if allowed to raise its nose and slow down during a turn it took some time to pick speed back up and the controls to get crisp again .
After zinging around for a while I dropped the flaps to see if I could slow it down ,it raised the nose and came to a stop like a dog on a short leash ,I quickly put them back up and dropped the nose to get some air speed but was now behind the hill going down wind over a very bad spot.
She flicked on me when I attempted to turn ,saved it and she flicked again . I was able to flatten her out making a less than Graceful arrival at the bottom of the hill on the back side with no damage .
Inspection revealed that the left flap servo has a bunch of slop {broken gears ? } I will have to pull it and replace .

After that excitement ,flying all the other ships was low stress and relaxing

Arrived at 11:00 came down after 4:00
Another good day - I will sleep well tonight