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Posted by Aer0naught | Jul 06, 2017 @ 01:21 PM | 5,711 Views
About a month ago, I was looking for a simple to build, relatively cheap upgrade to a Gambler+ DLG that I acquired at a swap meet. While the Gambler is a decent flyer and will occasionally catch a passing thermal, my particular model is on the heavy side (7.5 oz) and I feel like I have reached a limit in its performance, especially in launch height. Since I have no other hands-on experience with DLGs, I figured that I may as well build another balsa DLG to see if I could get better performance.

The Mimi was the perfect model for my requirements, as it is a newer design that is known to launch well. And, since it has several wing construction methods there is a lot of potential for comparison and experimentation. As a 1-meter DLG, it's also slightly more portable than the Gambler, although in reality I'll probably be flying both when the conditions are good. With all this in mind, I went ahead and got the free plans from the designer, Frans Bal. Frans, thank you so much for your generosity in making the plans available! I know that DLG pilots all around the world appreciate your excellent design!

After ordering my materials and printing the built-up and semi-solid versions of the plans, I decided to start work on the semi-solid version of the Mimi. This is because the 1/2" balsa I ordered from SIG is on the heavier side (around 8 lb/cu ft), so I am anticipating that this wing will end up heavier than the built-up one and will thereby provide a good baseline for...Continue Reading