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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 28, 2011 @ 11:41 AM | 36,379 Views
My Lamyak 60 is a big electric profile plane. The tires on it were really small didn't really match the plane. Earlier this week I was at our local field flying it. We have a paved runway and on my last landing I got a little bounce, no big deal. It was a big deal when I saw my beautiful Xoar 16x9 E prop was splintered. My flying time was over for that day. Since I won't be on grass again until the next NashBro I figured I needed to upgrade the tires on the Lamyak. I went all "Alaska" on it and put on a huge set of Graupner inflatable tires complete with chrome wheels. MAN IT LOOKS GOOD! I'm pretty sure these will keep my prop off the ground, it improved my AOA and it totally fits the look of the Billy Hell Lamyak. It looks very "off road" now. The CG is still around 6.5 inches back so all is well! Now I just need a few more Xoar 16x8 props for back up. I also put a bigger tail wheel on it and next I think I'm going to modify it so the battery packs connect on the top of the plane instead of underneath - not as pretty but much more safe and easy.