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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Aug 26, 2007 @ 08:30 AM | 27,582 Views
This month in Model Aviation magazine (September 07) is my interview with Jerry L. Smith, 9 time national funfly champion (page 92). Attached here is the full length video of the interview with Jerry's demos included. Thanks to Jerry for doing the interview and being such a good friend over the years.

Click here for low-res version.

Click here for hi-res video.
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Aug 10, 2007 @ 10:01 PM | 26,338 Views
I'm a lucky guy. Just a few miles away from my house is one of the oldest RC fields in the country. The story has it is that people have been flying one thing or another off this field since 1928. One day I noticed stakes in the ground and being a surveyor in my youth I knew something was about to happen and I assumed something bad. Our field was situated on top of a hill. This made for interesting landings but was something I think we all enjoyed. The bulldozers and land movers made quick work of the hill and in no time it was FLAT! I'm happy to say that after the dust settled we do have a new runway. In fact we have a really nice wide runway. I also hear we are going to have a pavilion with power as well.
In the mean time all the guys from the local club, the Edwin Warner Model Aviators link have taken up residence under some big trees on the back parking lot. I just happened to show up the other day at a historic moment. Doc Bradford was the first to take off from the new runway but also garnered the dubious title of being the first to crash from the new runway. I raced out to the new runway to be the first to land on it. Success! Now when I'm 80 I'll have something to brag about to all the RC youngsters.
I went back out today to get pictures of the guys that helped teach me about RC and shoot some video of our new facility. Enjoy!!

Aerial video of the our new air field and more......Continue Reading