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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jul 28, 2007 @ 09:07 AM | 27,042 Views
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

At the very last minute the family decided that we should go to the beach. I have been going to the same beach area for the last 10 years and the kids are finally old enough to enjoy it. We loaded up all the stuff you have to load up and at the last minute I threw my Easy Star and a cam from Hobby Lobby called the FlyCamOne . I figured the Easy Star would be good because there wasn't much room in the truck and the wings slide out for travel. It is also the perfect beach plane, hard to break and easy to fix. I had not really had a chance to use the FlyCamOne so after we got to the beach I checked out the new review on RCG about the cam and learned how to use it.
I put a 4200 3 cell lipo in the nose of the Easy Star. I figured that would give it some good weight to fly in the beach wind and also allow me to fly as long as I wanted. Before hitting the beach I had to figure out how to mount the cam. I didn't have my tool boxes with me and had to "McGyver" something up. What I did have was a pharmacy so two combs and 4 hair ties later I was ready for my "brushless" cam rig. Below are pictures of my hi-tech mounting solution.
The Easy Star did great in the wind. I used a Wingo prop and then switched to a prop adapter and thinner bladed APC prop. The Wingo prop made a lot more power BUT the APC prop did not make the video get wavy when I was at full throttle. Both did fine in the high winds.
Flying over the ocean was pretty cool....Continue Reading
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jul 14, 2007 @ 08:54 AM | 25,524 Views
I wanted to let everyone know that we have a new addition here at RCGroups.com. The "Chit Chat " forum is for general off topic discussion. The twist is that no political or religious posts are allowed. You can save those for the "Life, The Universe, and Politics" " forum. Hopefully this will fill a need for those that want to just talk to other RCGroups users. Enjoy!