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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Sep 21, 2013 @ 09:52 PM | 13,571 Views
I'm primarily a low & slow kind of guy, but recently I've been finding myself strangely attracted to some of the Depron Pusher Park jets found on the Park Jet thread. Modern jet fighters have always taken a back seat to WWII fighters as far as my interests go (with the exception of the Fairchild Republic A-10A thunderbolt II). And for the last few years it’s been Bush planes & Biplanes. It’s not that I don’t like modern jets (they’re wicked cool machines). Maybe I’ve just considered them out of reach as far as a flying model goes.

I stumbled onto Steve Shumates (Jetset44) F-18 park jet plans & build thread F/A-18 Hornet Foam Parkflyer Part 2 - and started reading and by the time I got done with it I was hooked (stung?). I had also run across a post awhile back on a Skysurfer done by George (nitroxgas) and thought he did a nice job on it. When I ran across the 'bravo' and 'Echo' caricatures from Disney's Planes I knew I had to give it a shot! I plan on starting on it soon and decided to draw up a set of decals for both ‘Bravo’ & ‘Echo’. All the pictures of them have the wing tanks on so I also drew up a set of plans for a set of wing tank landing skids for it (I just sent off the tank drawing to Gary (GLM) at Morgan Mill RC and the artwork for the decals off to Callie Graphics for quotes). I have to thank Don (Brner) for his help in getting the decals and wing tank plans packaged up in .pdf format and also for tracing the wing tank drawing to create a .dxf file for Gary to quote!

In researching all this I found a 'real' one I'd like to model as well so I'll probably be cutting enough foam for two!

I'm just starting to collect all the bits to make this all come togther and I'm no speed builder either, so stay tuned!