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Posted by cubcrafter60 | May 11, 2013 @ 07:54 PM | 13,651 Views
What a day! Perfect weather (well maybe a little warm), Two hot air baloons decending onto the field as my wife and I arrived, several glider landings right in front of us, a Tiggy maiden and two additional - more or - less uneventful flights, and to top it all off a Travel Air Biplane came in, visited, and took-off right in front of us, almost an airshow!

I didn't realize that it's been eight months since I'd lost the FunCub and I haven't flown anything else since (except RealFlight)! Tom O. who test flew the plane for me didn't seem to have any touble with it, but on both my landings the tail came up on me! I suspect I might just a little behind it (I need to get those thumbs going again!) and will probably get it it sorted out in the next few flights, if not I can increase the gears forward rake out to 1 1/2".

Anyway the video isn't quite as clear in some places as I'd like and this is a quick edit - one other person took some footage but I won't be able to get that from him for a couple of days. If theres better stuff I'll re-edit and repost the video.

Dynam Tiger Moth maiden (3 min 5 sec)

Posted by cubcrafter60 | May 10, 2013 @ 10:45 PM | 10,492 Views
Hi All,

Well she's all set to go! The only remaining question is the whether or not the winds will cooperate! I decided to hold off on installing the last few details until after the maiden (Fuel filler cap, Fuel gauge, Fuel vent, and Air Speed Indicator). I'm making the ASI out of .016 aluminum and it's the last detail I'm putting on this model (well,maybe)!

The winds at Jay Carey Memorial Field (our field) is supposed to be 5-15 mph and Crazy Creek is supposed to around 5-10 mph tomorrow, not exactly ideal for a foamy but we'll see what it's like when I get out there.

Hopefully we'll have some in-flight video and/or photos tomorrow!

Posted by cubcrafter60 | May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 AM | 14,647 Views
Well, here's where we wound up tonight.
Yesterday I replaced the wing walks with 320 grit sandpaper versions and figured out some angles and dimensions for the rudder horn and it's position on the rudder. Today I built and installed the rudder horn (I've been dreading that!) and now have the rudder cables installed and rigged. It sure was great seeing the rudder moving under her own power for the first time! All I have left to do is finish painting the horns, make the tailplane struts, do some final tweaking on the radio, balance her, and wait for the weather to cooperate!

Posted by cubcrafter60 | May 05, 2013 @ 07:34 AM | 10,254 Views
I took a couple of days off (Fri. & Mon.) to take a trip to Chino Ca. for the air show but the plan fell apart, so I took advantage of the extra time and just about completed the Tiggy. The only thing keeping her from flying is making and installing the rudder horn and hooking up the cables. I also need to rework the wing walks, make new struts for the Horizontal stab, and build the Air Speed Indicator (and whatever else I can think of to add). I should have laid out the decals on the fuselage before I started applying them, instead I applied the roundels according to a drawing I had and added everything else from there (Iím not real happy with the positioning). Iím trying out a citrus based product called Goo Gone (used to remove stickers) on some painted scrap material to see what it does to the paint, if it holds up to it I may replace the roundel (moving it down a bit) and the KON. MARINE (moving it aft and then centering it on the roundel).

Night before last she made her first public appearance at the Clearlake Modelers monthly club meeting where she was well received. The Fun Fly scheduled for yesterday was cancelled due to high winds & high fire danger so instead I took her to Crazy Creek glider port to take some pre maiden shots and discuss the possibility of trying to get some air to air video with our local FPV enthusiast. It sure is a nice place to photograph as well as fly a model. Iíll update the blog as soon as she maidens!