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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Mar 10, 2013 @ 07:55 PM | 7,702 Views
Well I've been so busy between 2.5 threads I've kind of slacked off here. I finally got the Flyzone Beaver and it's still sitting in it's box. The Dynam Tiger Moth got here first so I started on it. The kit (ARF) is pretty nice for the price! I did have one damaged part (a warped rudder / fin assy.) which NitroPlanes promptly replaced! If you have fat fingers the rigging can prove a little tedious, but it's well thought out and straight forward. The plane can be assembled in a matter of hours if your building it straight out of the box!
One thing that had to go straight away were those wheels, I replaced them with a set of Du Bro 3" low bounce wheels. I'm not going crazy on detailing a foamy (yet), but I did do some simple enhancements.
1.) Replaced the wheels.
2.) Opened all the inlets in the cowl.
3.) Painted cockpit interior 'British interior green'.
4.) Made epoxy putty crash pads on top of instrument panels.
5.) Made rear bulkhead cockpit pads from balsa slotted for shoe lace sholder harnesses
6.) Highlighted engraved panel lines with a soft pencil.
7.) Ordered a complete set of markings from Callie Graphics for a Dutch Navy Tiger Moth (see below).
8.) Ordered a pilot figure to occupy the rear seat!
9.) Rake main gear forward 3/4" to help reduce nose over tendency when flying off grass.
And a few things I'd like to do after she flys.
10.) Add some fuel tank details (fuel cap, line, valve, and quantity gauge)
11.) Possibly add a pull pull rudder cable set up.
12.) Final details - strut mounted ASI, ignition switches, and exhaust pipe.

As of today 1 - 6 are done 7 should be here tomorrow I think the graphics will really "set her off"! 8 is probably going to be a week or two getting here (HK) and I'll probably get started on the landing gear mods this evening!

Here's a link to the thread if you're interested - - See ya there (or here)!