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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 26, 2012 @ 02:19 PM | 6,175 Views
Hi all! As promised some pics of her trimmed out! I still need to complete the trim on the other side and I'm still debating on what exactly to do with the cowl. I'm happy with the way she's turning out but beat up elapor isn't something to try and obtain a showroom finish on! I'm sure she'll look fine flying by at 20' and 25 or 30 mph! Hopefully she'll remaiden before the three month anniversary of the crash! She'll be flyable in both configurations, with the turtle deck removed it should make an interesting vantage point for a camera. ~ Robin
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 25, 2012 @ 09:04 PM | 6,727 Views
Paint at last, paint at last! Now it feels like I’m getting something accomplished! This weeks progress! ...

Decals came in this last week as well as the black MonoKote trim sheet for the trim. I hadn’t really thought ahead on how I was going to do the fuselage / cowl transition - I wound up adding some balsa up front and sanded in some scoops to channel the intake air into the fuselage, these will also give me a place for the cowl mounting blocks. I kept the stock FunCub motor position and the motor drive shaft is a bit low for a proper Super Cub cowl (it’s starting to look kinda like a Carbon Cub cowl)! I entertained the thought of cutting off the firewall and raising the mounting position – but that’s not going to happen – I just wanna “get ‘er dun”!

I was filling some irregularities in the fuse foam and fitting it to the new hatch when my wife came out and said, “You’re investing an awful lot of time in this”. It got me to thinking; this is a FunCub, not some giant scale masterpiece. Also when I get this involved with a project, it usually translates into a higher level of apprehension when I fly! I need to get this thing going and start having some fun again! Of course I had to wait for the filler to dry so I just finished sanding other parts the fuselage and painted the hatch, the ‘correction’ on the vertical fin, and the turtle deck. She looks better with a little color on...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 19, 2012 @ 01:39 AM | 6,309 Views
Well I was able to knock out quite a few of the little bits that seem to eat up so much time this week!
  • Corrected the 'minor issue' I had with the tail. When I attached the tail, I somehow miscalculated the vertical fin location! I didn’t discover it until I tried to fit the rudder on to the fin - the bottom of the rudder hit the tail post on the fuselage about a 1/4" before the hinge line met! So now I have a FunCub with a ‘broad chord’ vertical fin!
  • Installed gussets (1/4” balsa triangle stock) in the bottom of the boxed in section and added balsa lugs in the pockets for the stock canopy latches to help ‘tie’ the foam to the box.
  • Installed the ‘tee’ nuts for retaining the landing gear.
  • Modified the canopy/hatch for magnetic attachment, darn near as hard to remove as the stock catches!
  • Had to do some surgery on the wing tip to get out the xenon strobe light tube, Ram needed some more info before I could order a replacement tube (different variations).
  • I scored on e-bay and found a set of Fun Cub decals, they're getting kind of hard to find! I’m going to apply the window decals to some metallic charcoal MonoKote trim sheet I had laying around, I think it will be a little more subtle than the yellow on the fuselage showing through! I also ordered the black MonoKote trim sheet for the fuselage trim. I’m still looking for someone to cut vinyl for the “N9015U” and “Got Rocks” decals.
I've been filling and sanding some areas in final prepration for paint, hopefully tomorrow I'll get a couple of coats on. Our post office is only open for an hour on Saturday for parcel pick-up and of course I got an e-mail that the decals were there about an hour after they closed! So I'll pick them up Monday and once I get the windows on I'll post some pics!
Until then ~ Robin
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 13, 2012 @ 12:16 AM | 6,458 Views
Are we there yet? NO! (but we're getting there)! Thanks to those of you who are sticking it out with me! Sometimes it seems like it will never get done, but I try to do something every evening. I made some progress this weekend though, I was trying to figure out how I was going to run the sheath for the elevator push pull cable and wasn’t real happy about compromising the ‘look’ of the aft structure. I thought about running it on top so the turtle deck would hide it but thought - what about when I fly without it? Well, I resolved it by running the cable sheath down (jnside) the right upper longeron, I had to relocate the elevator servo but now you can hardly see it! I finished ‘wrapping’ the bottom cross braces and diagonals with about 1.25 inches of carbon fiber tow left to spare! I’m going to stick that last piece somewhere just so I can say, “I used it all”!
I built a rudder tiller arm that’s mounted to a servo wheel (not real pretty but it will do) it’s laminated from two pieces of 1/64th inch ply and three pieces of .05 oz. cloth. I’ll attach the cables tomorrow (I left my ‘good' crimpers at work), they’ll be fixed at the servo end and the turnbuckles will be back at the rudder.
I also got the turtle deck trimmed and made a latching plate just like on the hatch, still debating on using magnets, velcro, or hooks n' rubber bands to hold it on!
Last but not least, I got to throw some black paint on the aft structure – the truss section is now all black! Of course now I’ve got to go back and either trim or glue down all those carbon fiber hairs that 'popped' out of the joints after I painted it! Hope to throw on some yellow this week - I'll post another update then! Thanks for checking in. ~ Robin
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 10, 2012 @ 12:48 AM | 5,655 Views
Sorry about the apparent lack of progress and the lack of anything exciting to show you. The closing up of the back end, installation of the servos, and construction of the hatches have proved more time consuming than I expected. The top hatch will be used when the turtle deck is removed and I'll be installing a 'deck' on the inside of the hatch to mount a key fob camera facing aft. Completion of the lower hatch is on hold while I make the tiller arm for the pull-pull rudder set up (so I can see where the cables exit)! That's it for now; I hope to start throwing some paint this weekend! ~ Robin

Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 02, 2012 @ 11:40 PM | 6,011 Views
Well, it's the two month anniversary of the demise of the "California Bush Cub II"! A little sad, but it did open some new doors in construction techniques for me and I'm fairly happy with the way things are progressing.
The dreaded mounting of the tail is finally complete and it went almost problem free (small issue with the rudder, nothing that can't be corrected). The cradle & rubber bands worked like a champ keeping the tail aligned while the epoxy set. I hope to get the back end of the fuselage closed up this weekend so I can continue with the rest of the paint work. I decided to skip the baggage pod underneath (I can always add it later) and instead I'll incorporate a mount built into the fuselage - under the trailing edge of the wing facing aft overlooking the skeletal tail section. Should make for some interesting footage!
The folks at Go Hobbies came through with a replacement canopy/hatch in excellent condition. I'm really happy with their service! The decals however, are becoming a problem (can't seem to find anyone who has them in stock) some places say 'backordered' and others say 'discontinued'. I finally opened the box for the set I ordered (shown in the previous post) and not only were they trashed, only one of the three sheets that make up the set was sent! All this just to get the window decals - Anyone out there who didn't use theirs and wants to sell them? (Just the fuselage and hatch window decals) I may have to resort to making my own with MonoKote trim sheet! Below are some shots of where she's at this evening! ~ Robin