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Posted by askman | Jan 14, 2012 @ 10:25 PM | 7,963 Views
Since cat is out of the bag so to speak, I am back in to developing new product for Aerial Photo. First of them will be tested by gary goodrum and seismicwave. gary has the gopro version for his DJI being setup and seismic will soon have his nex5 version designed for the new folding quad that I posted here. I am working on the new leg system for the two gimbal, then I will add pan system as well. I will also be updating the Large DSLR gimbal, but still deciding on the roll. to keep it affordable, I may go top roll with belt drive, but yoke design is still in the running.

I am also updating the pole cam gimbals. The updated design will be for smaller DSLR that is so common these days, and premium put on lighter weight and affordability. There are good heavy duty pole cam gimbals available from other vendors, but nothing that is lighter for average AP professional that want to use the latest camera that offers excellent performance without the weight. I will have 2 and 3 axis version of polecam with open loop servo.

anyway, I will post more detail/pic as I get them finished.
current status : nex5/gopro nose and underleg mount system is almost out of design and being testted. will be available very soon.

I am making it so that it will be very easy to change between the gimbal from leg to nose setup. (need 2 piece adapter kit costing 10 bucks)
LG system will be very rigid and strong. it is 17 CNC'd part and will have some flexibility to mounting the gimbal.

Nex5 gimbal is designed to use the pancake lens. recommended total load of 1.5lb/600gm or under. The yoke depth will preclude usage of large/heavy lens. If you really want to fly the heaviest lens, you will need to get the DSLR version which will have deeper yoke and designed for heavier load.
Posted by askman | Dec 10, 2011 @ 11:10 PM | 8,205 Views
well. 10mm version is fairly on its way, and I wanted to start a 5/8" boom version. so here it is start of the build. main plate with mount for battery/gimbal. it will use .25" fiberglass tube for the gimbal/main. I have do some work to make sure it works and is safely secured. I have some ideas to add extra security. tomorrow, I need to pick up some tube and make the battery mount and the gimbal. I will also need to mount the boom and motorplate/lg setup. with 15" boom (half the bar) you will end up with quad that is 20"x30" motor to motor. this will be setup for 12" blade and 4S5000 pack.

current weight is about 16oz. it is really heavy duty as I made it with 3/32" thick g-10. 3" long LG should give plenty of clearance for the nose mount camera gimbal. (and easy to make it longer) I can easily shave some weight. anyway, camera gimbals are next.
Posted by askman | Nov 25, 2011 @ 04:57 PM | 6,795 Views
well, I've decided that I want to concentrate on smaller folding quads/y6.(upto 2kg auw) I have a proto quadcopter flying with rectangular geometry and it flies like a dream with KK board. will be testing a folder out with uavx. I also have y6 built with kk, but it is bit harder to fly and orient. put it down hard due to loss of orientation. have to replace a shaft or two.

anyway, got the first frame cut. I want to build a pair of them. one with KK and the other with UAVX/roll/tilt stabilization.
Posted by askman | Nov 22, 2011 @ 12:57 PM | 6,886 Views
been working with UAVX and now I am prett happy with how it flies. (thanks Greg aka gke for the latest firmware) I will continue to work on this as my base platform. I really think UAVX could be a great setup with new ARM processor board and 10DOF from drotek or one from canada (can't remember the name, but was selling for 75 bucks) MBED being 60 plus some form of shield requirement makes it bit tough. really need ready to go board that cost about under 50 bucks without needing extra board (similiar to seeeduino mega) current UAVX at 40mhz is usable and decent board, but getting old.

anyway, spent some time compiling the list of available fcb with features, as my desired features are : acc/gyro, good alt hold and camera stab. no real desire for GPS/Mag sensor as all my flying will be relatively close. (and from what I've seen, GPS is still not really reliable on most units)

AD-50q: (foxtech) acc/gyro+ camera stab about 160 USD. just came out. no real field result available. closed firmware

multiwii/miniwii: 70 euro for miniwii. acc/gyro optional compass/baro (bma085baro cost 20 bucks) camera stab plus trigger available. v1.9 has decent alt hold. arduino/atmel based. open firmware

opencc: ARM based 90USD acc/gyro. + early camera stab . open source firmware. no baro.

afrocntl: acc/gyro/baro. no camera stab. 10000 yen (about 130USD) C based code. requires PPM RX. I2C esc or I2C to PWM...Continue Reading
Posted by askman | Nov 09, 2011 @ 12:56 AM | 6,662 Views
been flying HK-KK setup for a while now and been really happy with v4.7. so, I started to build my new AP rig.

I really need to build a good camera mount for this use, but I have adapted what I have, which will be good enough for taking stills and hopefully fixed video. it is bit flimsy for my taste. still, it will get me going and allow me to test the new frame.

so far, weight is at 480 gm with FCB and some wires. motor esc should add about 450gm. so lets call it even 1kg plus batter and camera. 1.5-1.7kg auw. so far so good.

I will need to design a new camera gimbal. probably with belt driven tilt for this one. I may add belt driven roll as well if I am willing to add bit more weight. we will see. once design is proven, I will cut it out of CF for that added rigidity.
Posted by askman | Nov 01, 2011 @ 02:34 PM | 6,395 Views
after running AskmanAP for 5 years, working 2 jobs without time off took its toll on my health and marriage. I was facing high blood pressure, chronic fatigue as well as nasty gastro intenstinal disease as I gained lot of weight during this time. The final straw was issues I was facing with my family life, and I had to stop the ever speeding wheel I was on.

I really want to issue a formal apologies to all the customers that supported me during the years. My life was so bad, I had to walk away from the business to salvage the rest of my life.

fast forward 3 years.

I am back down to healthy weight (and looking to get down to 10% body fat), my family life is back on solid footing and I am healthy again. I am slowly getting back my interest in the RC - multi rotor, but really no desire to go back into the business. I will be posting all my old G-code used to cut the mount and put it into public domain. Sorry I don't have any DXFs as I designed them all in my head and hand programmed into Gcode.

It is good to be back. and I beg forgiveness of everyone and thank those who cared abut me.
Posted by askman | Aug 20, 2008 @ 08:20 PM | 11,092 Views
you can build a tricopter using ap2000i and 3 gyro. attached is the picture of how it is wired up. check it out. I am building on using cdp4 and y-ufo board, but it will have to wait until I am done with all other projects. (too many) my DF based quadrocopter is flying and well. the frame is available . it is usable with UVAP board as well as mikrokopter board. it is setup with epp1245 prop (which is having some durability issues from others) but can lift heavy load. with well tested 1045, it will still lift over 1lb payload with 10min flight.

I've done some lift test with 1245/DT750 motor setup. my setup without battery is 35oz. I've tested today at 67oz and 84 oz total weight. at 67oz, it flys very smooth and nicely very easy flying and feels very steady even in wind on my DF setup with gain at 50k. At 84oz, it feels heavy and definitely need more tuning. feels like driving a overloaded truck. I will limit my weight to 70 oz or so, which will give me 35 oz of load. my new miniHD gimbal weighs in at 4oz, so that gives me 31 oz. 3S4800 pack weighs about 400gm (14oz) that leaves me 17oz and over 10 min flight time. MiniHD gimbal can carry any camera upto 5" wide by 3.5" tall. (canon a640 size) typical downlink and OSD/GPS adds about 5oz, leaving us 10-12 oz for a nice camera. I am running Panasonic Lumix FX35, which weighs in at 5oz, which put me at 65oz total weight. I am also finishing up my UVAP setup. the...Continue Reading
Posted by askman | Aug 14, 2008 @ 12:25 AM | 9,759 Views
this one has been troublesome, but finally I am getting close to completion. here is basic framework. the servos and camera mounting plate has to be mounted still, but overall, basic frame is done. dual belt driven setup makes for smooth pano polecam. making it adjustable while rigid was not easy, but it is done. another project being finished up finally. I have logo 600 nosecam to finish up still.

oh well. no rest for this man.
Posted by askman | Feb 26, 2008 @ 05:24 PM | 10,039 Views
Hope everyone is doing well. I am finally back in line. it has been heck of last 6 month. hope eveyone is doing well. thanks.