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Posted by askman | Nov 08, 2017 @ 12:52 PM | 44,555 Views
Since we were down to 1 car, I wanted to build up a nice electric bicycle for running errands and possibly commute. So, I've been keeping an eye open for a cheap conversion kit. I found one on ebay being sold by local guy, and picked it up for 107 bucks. this is homcom 48v setup and was rear wheel with speed controller. The bicycle converted was my old Specialized FSR freeride setup that I had for 20 years with maguro hydraulic rim brakes and full suspension. Since I didn't want to mess with the brakes, I decided to set this up just with thumb speed without brake cutoff. the part also included PAS feature but I decided to keep it simple. There were two main challenges to this conversion. One is power pack, and the other was figuring out way to mount it to the bike. The conversion kit came with tires and tube as well as 7 speed gear set. my original was 8 speed, shimano shifters but works fine . in most cases, gears won't get used much unless I am in assist mode.

The guy selling it was going to convert his bike until he found out what the battery cost were going to cost. this wheel setup typically sells for about 140 bucks on ebay. but most 48v lithium packs cost 200+ . those prices were unacceptable to me. On ebay though, there are these 36v 4.4ah 18650 based pack for about 35 bucks shipped. these have Samsung cells and have great review. These cells comes with balancing/charging board, which simplifies...Continue Reading