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Posted by askman | Jul 17, 2012 @ 04:05 PM | 14,876 Views
as many of you know, I mostly hang around multicopter forum. Multicopter is latest platform and very popular one to hang camera on to. With technology advancement in gyro and automated flight, multicopter has become to platform to have. anyway, today is all about basics.

now, I've seen lot of post that goes like this.
hi, I am new to multicopter, I think it is great, never flew anything in my life, but I want a multicopter since I saw it on XX and I see the potential to make me rich and famous. my budget is $500.00 and I have several requirement.

1) I need controller with GPS and waypoint programming.
2) need FPV gear (i've done lot of computer flight sim, I know how to fly fpv)
3) I need it to be large enough to carry my D5 but gopro is fine for now.
4) I need fully stabilized gimbal

now, I know that many of us are excited to jump right in, but before we start any endeavor of this magnitude, you really need to consider what you are really after and assess your situation. In general, you really need to assess why you are interested in AP/AV.

For many of us, it is just cool to take video and picture from the Air. Most of us really are not out to make a living taking pictures though, beyond doing an occasional job for friends and family. (usually for little or no compensation) There are professional AP/AVers though. Most of them started as either accomplished Photo/videographer with some rc...Continue Reading
Posted by askman | Jul 03, 2012 @ 03:32 PM | 14,882 Views
well, I get a lot of queries about various things related to AP/AV as well as multicopter, so I decided to distill it down to this entry. In realtiy, the answer is TANSTAFL. So, that is the theme of this blog. If you are a reader of Robert Heinlein, you will recognize this term from the novel "moon is harsh mistress" It means "there aint no such thing as free lunch" and this really fits my answer. With new technology and competition, the price of things are dropping, but this rule wills still remain true in every aspect.


I will include redundancy into the reliability as well. In general, simpler the system, more reliable it is. but also, component selection can also make a difference.

Design consideration: design like Y6, Octo and x8 also has some redundancy in case of motor/esc/prop failure . So for best reliability, you want tri/quad, but you are trading off possible redundancy of other design. More motor means more weight and more things that can go wrong. Coaxial design also loses some efficiency. So in many ways, you are trading flight time and cost for reliability.

component selection: selecting a good quality motor that is large enough to handle the load is very important. don't try to save money on motors. it is not worth it. ESC wise, I prefer 30amp as minimum with N-fet design. luckily, you can get simonK flashed n-fet esc for good price, but serious guys will...Continue Reading