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Posted by xplaneguy | Dec 21, 2013 @ 12:37 AM | 12,643 Views
Is there anything better than an Aviation and Space Christmas Vacation in Florida? No, not really...lots of cool aviation venues and of course...the Kennedy Space Center! One of our favorite places on the planet!

The first two days of our eight day trip were spent at Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Fl and at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. All are must see places while in Florida! Jawdropping, mindblowing, incredible, historic, geeking out fun!

Tomorrow's mission.....RC Hobby Shops of Central Florida! Bring it!!!!!

Here's some photos!

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 30, 2013 @ 09:37 PM | 16,827 Views
When it comes to warbirds, the DeHavilland Mosquito is one fantastic twin engine medium bomber and the new Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI is a great model of this classic warbird. Assembly was quick and painless! The model offer cooling slot for the ESCs in the leading edge of the wings and the optional flap servo installation was quick and easy. The model flies beautifully on the recommended 3S 2200 mAh battery. With the battery position forward in the compartment, CG was right on the money. The maiden was smooth, painless and required no trim changes. The maiden flight was 5 min 30 secs and still had 46% left in the battery.

The big disappointment was the lack on the retract legs in the box for pilots wanting to add retracts. I contacted Horizon Hobby and they are sending me the optional retract structs free of charge. This looks to be an issue with all kits shipped out this week and they are working to fix this problem. So....if you want to add retracts, you'll require the retract structs which are should be included but are not, please call Horizon Hobby.

I'm looking forward to logging lots of flights on this Mossie. IMHO, this would be an outstanding first twin model for anyone wanting to add a twin powered plane to their fleet!

Fly Safe and Have Fun!

All the best,