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Posted by Jim Love | Jan 28, 2021 @ 02:19 PM | 5,083 Views
Hello calling all builders I am looking for any information about a plane from my youth.The plane was built by my rc instructor Ray Longare.He was a good natured man and as I was a young enthusiastic pain in the rear I feel he instilled a great respect in Me for him and this wonderful thing we call model aviation. To the point! Ray designed and built a twin boom pusher V-tail plane that he flew on a weekly basis.I would like to find plans or any info I can. Ray and I flew at the time at the Sepulveda flood basin. This was before the Apollo field was built and Larry Leonard was still the owner of Hobby House and doing rolls on the front straight of the pylon races,Joe Bridi lived over in Encino/Tarzana and Kraft radios were King. Thanks for any help . This is all new to me so forgive any delays.