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Posted by PittSpecial | May 26, 2015 @ 09:48 PM | 7,026 Views
Gals and Guys,

It has been a long journey at best I can explain here with my nagging rear tail brake lights. For months my friends informed me of the drivers rear brake light not functioning.

Always, disassemble the lens and inspect the bulbs and even use very fine sand paper to clean the socket contacts and presto the brake light works again. After a few weeks, once again my friends tell me of the same driver's side rear brake light not working and to my shock and surprise after lightly tapping it with my finger the dang light works again.:frown: Unbelievable, and I say to myself, "How many times do I have to disassemble these freaking lights to only work for a few weeks and then, stop functioning after a few weeks again.:crying:

Well, this long weekend I took matters in my own hands and work like a devil to get to the bottom of the reason(s) why I am having so many freaking problems.>

Here is a summary:

1. Replaced the Driver's side rear brake wire harness with a newer one.
2. Replaced all bulbs with newer ones.
3. Now, either the bulbs works or not. Tapping on the lens doesn't work.
4. To my surprise these Incandescent Light Bulbs (OLD Technology) bulbs get very HOT and within time ruin the sockets!

I wasted NO MORE TIME and went to my nearest O'Reilly Auto Parts and found some really powerful LED replacement lights for my old 1992 Toyota Camry XLE with 472,543 miles!:laugh: These LED lights are made by PILOT Automotive.

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