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Posted by xplaneguy | Apr 26, 2017 @ 11:23 PM | 13,860 Views
Last weekend, Evelyn and I spent three days at the Free Flight gathering in Lost Hills, CA.... and it was AMAZING!!!

For many of us in this hobby, we started flying rubberband powered models, then progressed to control line and finally RC. The world of free flight model aviation is a lot bigger than I ever imagined and very exciting. Evelyn and I have made it our personal mission to do what we can to help spread the word about free flight since we truly owe a lot to the pioneers and those who continue to keep free flight modeling alive today. We are so grateful for their contributions to model aviation!

Here's a letter I wrote to our new friends in the free flight community:
First, I would like to say what a thrill it was for my daughter Evelyn and I to spend time with all of you. Thank you for making us feel welcome and a part of the free flight community. Each of you represent the very best of model aviation and inspire us to share your passion for free flight with those who've never experienced or understand the various sides of the hobby. I'm hoping through the power of photography, videos, and personal experiences to bring more attention to your amazing world of free flight. The statement repeated by many of you was, "Our hobby is slowly dying!" Needless to say, I think we all would like to change or at least prolong that reality through our efforts to keep promoting and reaching out to those who may not have been exposed to this part of model...Continue Reading