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Posted by Cesco | Oct 05, 2017 @ 12:22 AM | 10,745 Views
This is for minimosd hardware. It needs only a connection to GPS serial data (plus 5V plus gnd). I did solder a 3-wire cable to the underside of the gps connector on the phantom2 mainboard.

It is less cluttered than usual osd's. It displays distance, altitude, speed, and a home indicator when moving.
Posted by Cesco | May 19, 2017 @ 02:38 PM | 12,453 Views
This firmware uses the serial connection from FC to ESC. It uses the original konze uart protocol at 38400 baud.
Protocol is:
- syncbyte 0xF5
- one byte throttle value for esc 1 range 0 to 200.
- one byte throttle value for exery other esc

Example message for 2 motors, zero throttle: 0xF5,0x00,0x00
Example message for 4 motors, mid throttle: 0xF5,0x64,0x64,0x64,0x64

The firmware is bs_nfet type, tested with hk blue series 20A and hk 20A ubec.
It should work with every bs-nfet esc where int0 is connected to rxd.

Yes, i have flown this. Old dji F450 frame, blue-series esc, multiwii FC. See attached picture. All pwm pins empty.
I can provide output driver for avr multiwii or stm32 baseflight.

Attached Simonk/konze uart firmware bs-nfet with icp and int0 disabled, bootloader enabled, uart enabled.
Comes with 4 different motor ID's.
When programming with built-in bootloader you need the "bs_nfet_uart_noboot" version.
If you want source ask me, i provide.

Attached processing test program for mot1 and mot2 named rcsim.
Posted by Cesco | May 04, 2017 @ 11:17 PM | 11,912 Views
This thing will ... work only on planes. And it uses servo signal from 650us to 2350 us, this might fry your servo.

Input is 57600 baud gps on serial rx, output is 180 deg servo signal on pin 9, and LED status on pins A0 and A1.

It will record home position when gps fix is more than 6 sat, and then will point the servo at this home position and flash A0 led, or point away from home and flash A1 led. Means if you mount the led back-to-back on the servo it will always illuninate home position (as long as you move).