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Posted by farquward | Jun 24, 2019 @ 01:24 PM | 5,453 Views
Still cruising the 300X. I really enjoy relaxed flying and this one scratches the itch. Truth is, I've gotten back into an old sport, one that I first participated in at the tender age of 10. My wife and I both enjoyed it when we first started dating, but it got quite expensive so we gradually dropped it. No serious competition in the future, just relaxed involvement. We've found ways to keep costs down and are members at a club which also helps diffuse costs. Not giving up on helis, just not so crazy anymore. Did an inventory of parts on hand for what I have so it looks like spares are in good shape. Here's the rub. The helis I have are now all obsolete. Granted, the 300X is long in the tooth, but it flys just fine. Parts are getting hard to find which means prices are reflective, i.e. going up. Same for the 450X and 200SRX. While those parts that are used in a current model are available, many are not. I'll continue to enjoy what I have, for as long as I can. When parts become an issue, that'll be the end of it. I don't see myself buying a new heli, but ya never know.

Flew the 300X this morning, never fails to give me a smile. I had 5 nice, relaxing flights at the park. As I had the place to myself I had the opportunity to open it up and enjoy some nice tight figure eights. This is the third season with the Pulse batteries, Scorpion motor/14 t pinion and HW Platinum Pro ESC. Still getting 6.5 minute flights and landing with 3.80v. It doesn't get too much better than that.