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Posted by farquward | Mar 18, 2015 @ 05:30 PM | 10,269 Views
I started this project awhile back and thought it would be nice to share it with other like minded individuals. The goal was a nice semi scale bird, low cost and to use the Blade 200 SRX for mechanicals. Since there aren't any scale fuselages for the 200, I started to look at what was available in the right size range. As luck would have it, I found the "Huey" by HH to be close enough in size for my project. As I've tried the olive drab paint scheme on other small helicopters, I knew that just wouldn't do as they're too hard to see, and thought maybe US Coast Guard colors would be better. I found some pictures of a Marine Corps Rescue bird and decided on that. (Four years in the Corps, combat engineers, 1st Mar. Div. ) My wife bought me the kit, much to my surprise and I bought another 200 for the build. I wanted to save as much weight as possible, so I bought the Rakon carbon fiber frame. Also bought the 104t main gear, and the 13t pinion for greater head speed. A set of Xtreme 8 degree main rotors and Lynx black tail rotor finishes up the power system. Lighting is by Turnigy and has navigation and strobes. For the tail boom I used 5mm Al stock, notched and cut to length and a Lynx tail boom support bracket as it allows mounting without the horizontal fin. I grafted a new stock 200 tail motor mount to the piece supplied in the kit with micro balloons and 5 minute epoxy. Adaptors for the landing gear were made from .070 X .437 carbon fiber strip stock...Continue Reading