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Posted by kiwi_craig | Jun 30, 2014 @ 04:49 AM | 5,562 Views
arrived tonight, you beauty (kinda sucks I have to fly OS for work early tomorrow for the week and not home until the weekend....)

anyways first observations

all up weight with battery on my scales is 330 grams. My V912, same battery, but with super skids, WL camera attached and the fractionally heavier F45 motors comes in at 360 grams.

Servo throw, with the accelerate or 'turbo" button mod the servo throw looks to be more than teh 912, but the arm looks shorter< going to have to pull that apart to have a look.......

Battery is the same as the stock V262 and measures 30mm wide, 14mm thick by 55mm long. Its a bitch to fit as it snags a lip edge on the plastic inside, I can see this getting bent up to help feed the battery in, has to go in on an angle, front rotates down and then goes right forward. 5 minutes with a file and some wet n dry sand paper should sort that, easy mod to do.

Flybar is exactly the same as the stock V912.

the way the board is packaged its to tight for a heat sink on the motor, I can see the board getting moved forward. the servos are hard up to the rear of the motor servo cables are very tight relative to the board so a reconfigure of the wiring run is in order, one of the servo plugs had popped off as delivered.

spare tail and main blades attached to the rear of the main box.

Tail boom and skids, Plastic is really nice, good quality polypropylene, has a nice degree of flex, same for the main body, this is gonna be pretty durable I think.

a gazillion screws hold the canopy on, pity it wasn't a clip in deal for easy access.

anyways more this weekend ............ tempted to stuff it in the airline bag - carry on.....
Posted by kiwi_craig | Jun 28, 2014 @ 01:15 AM | 4,972 Views
Moving one step along from the Ben ma Helios flybar and swashplate, I've added the Ben Ma mixer links, holy smoke what a difference.

the mixer links have a higher linkage ratio, therefore less twist - leveling influence from the flybar is translated into the main blades, in flight the elevator response and ability to drop the nose is significantly improved, rather stunned by this ! A really noticeable improvement. The agility of the 911 is really stepped up.

I'll try them on a V911 swash to check but as a combo the swash, mixers links & flybar from the Helios seems pretty damn good.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Jun 27, 2014 @ 04:02 PM | 5,067 Views
Xtreme are near ready to release the billet V913 rotor head, email in this morning from Ken at xtreme

Hi Craig

The V913 parts is almost ready.
They are now in final QC stage.

We are marketing them with a new brand,
Please visit :

Thank you

Posted by kiwi_craig | Jun 19, 2014 @ 04:44 AM | 7,107 Views
my previous setup using the WL camera mounting plate onto the mobius sleeve worked pretty good, but every now and then a bit of vibe would creep into the film footage, seemed more of an issue at the narrow rather then wide FOV setting.

Any ways added 3mm CF rods carefully drilled and screwed to the two mounting plates then isolation mounted the two using dirtbike silicone fuel hose, this stuff is quite stiff.

Redid the landing gear with 75mm long CF rod and redrilled an old set of V912 landing skids to suit, works nice. Could have also easily extended the V959/22 landing gear with 2.5mm CF rod for the legs and 2mm CF rod for the skid sections. I like the bit of alloy bling the 912 skids add to the setup.

the damping effect of the silicone hoses can be fine tuned by fitting longer or shorter hoses lengths.

Weather permitting, flight trials this weekend
Posted by kiwi_craig | Jun 07, 2014 @ 03:26 AM | 5,514 Views
Comparing old v911 to current v911 to helios and helios with weights removed

Old v911 1.75 g
New v911 2.04g
Helios. 3.00g
Helios no weights 1.68g

Helios no weights is super agile and really allows the heli to get allot of banking angle going which is cool. On my light hughes 300 911 its a blast. On the heavier stock v911 its verging on tbe at hover some times

Std Helios though heavy is still agile and no flybar strike, but also has a strong damping effect at hover, almost seems a contradiction! Must be the shorter length and paddles combo

Heavy v911 smooths things out nicely, and still flies nice, just not as nimble. I can see why WL went that way stock bird flies smoother.