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This week the guys over at ProfiCNC who make The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) announced a new product called HereLink.
An all new digital wireless transmissions system with built in remote controller.

Consisting of a RC Ground station and Air System HereLink will allow users to get long range HD video and control link up to 20km in FCC. The Ground Station is a RC that is of similar design to the ST16 from Yuneec with a dedicated 5.5” 1080P Android based tablet built in, It will ship with a custom version of the Solex App to give Video, control and telemetry all in one unit. Being Android based it also means it should also be compatible with other app like Tower too.

The Ground unit will have a number of programable buttons along side the two standard control sticks, two rocker switches, a wheel and six back lit buttons along the bottom. Tablet connectivity consists of Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS for position data and whole unit will be powered by a 4960mah rechargeable battery.

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About the battery,if you have the Voltmeter,you can test the battery.when the battery is full of charge,the black line with white plug are 3.7V, 7.4V,11V,the black line with red plug is 11v.
Name: 11.1v.jpg
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Name: 11.1v-1.jpg
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Youtube videos now over 500. All types of flying.
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Yes, CA glue is faster.But i am in no hurry. Getting one side framed up in a week. Two glue joints a night and one in the morning. I use a brick to hold the frame down rather than t-pins. It allows the plan sheet to be reused. Close enough is good for me.
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I hope this video will help someone out

Axial scx10 II esc (5 min 26 sec)

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Got OOO' ogled something bad this morning .
I think people were perving at my goodies ..

Goodies being the FX707 and the UMX Whipit .

These people should keep their eyes on the road , not the goodies on the sidewalk !

Anyhow ! FX707 Chuck test ..

I put the FX707 and it's wings in a bag as I was walking to my Chuck test range
Seriously , it flew off the building board ..
@ 222grams it was almost flying in slow motion .
My first chuck and I did not touch the Tx until it just about landed .
The glide , I just don't know how I could make it better ?
I am absolutely amazed and genuinely pleased .
Never imagined it would turn out this well ! Not off the board so to speak .
I may need to replace the servo control arms , just to give the rudder and elevator more throw .
The FX707 is so slow that the rudder and elevator are a little soft , might wait till it has been on a slope . (?)

UMX Whipit Chuck test

Almost flew exactly as expected ..
Pushed thru the breeze so easily ..
BUTT ! -- The fibreglass and peg on one tip did pull the Whip in that direction time and time again ( Left tip ) .
Otherwise the whip behaved very well ..

There will be some minor trimming needed ..
But the big thing I think is to balance the wing .. Just got to do something about the Whip going left all the time .

FX707 = Fantastic
Whip = A little more work

Whip Update :

Did some tweaks , and went back out in the afternoon .
The breeze is up .
But I was able to get the whip to glide straight ..
Next outing to the park I set up / re-tune my launch settings ..
And hopefully the whip cruises
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Magellan xl third flight today
Magellan xl 3rd flight102018 (26 min 32 sec)

Posted by newelectro | Yesterday @ 05:52 PM | 332 Views
Magellan XL second flght today
Magellan 2nd flght102018 (26 min 58 sec)

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Mario xplus and my Virage
Mario xplus plus my Virage102018 (14 min 52 sec)

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Got my Pits S-1S today and set it up. It was not hard but care needs to be taken with the wing strut pins and the spinner.
Most e flite planes will have the CG set correctly when you use the recommended battery but this one is way nose heavy
if you use the recommended distance from the leading edge of the top wing at 86 MM.

Rather than believing the manual at 86 MM, I have opted to just place the recommended battery in the tray and fly it.
I will do this for two reasons. I have bought quite a few e flite planes and they all fly well using the recommended battery in the given place.

Pulling the battery back (half off of the tray) it is still too nose heavy (measuring CG at 86mm.
Also, the UMS Pitts is supposedly scaled and so is the S-1S, and the UMX has the CG more forward.
I think this plane will be very cool and I will be flying it with the 1800 4s.
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Jimmy Virage and Mario xplus
Jimmy Virage and Mario xplus102018 (6 min 51 sec)

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Emax Babyhawk R Pro 2.5 Inch 120mm FPV Racing Drone PNP/BNF Magnum F4 OSD 25A Blheli_32 Smart Audio VTX

Full Video Review Below!

Brand name: Emax
Item name: Babyhawk R Pro 2.5
Frame: 120mm unibody frame with PC durable canopy/pod
Flight Controller: Mini Magnum F4 2 lite
ESC: 25A 4 IN 1 BLHELI_32 ESC 20X20 Mounting
ESC Current Sensor: On board
F405 Matek HEX Target using Betaflight OSD
Motor: 1106 6000KV
Propeller: Emax Rush 2.5 inch
VTX: 25-200mW FCC compatible with Raceband Channels/ Smart Audio control MMCX Connector
Receiver: D8 channel
Camera: Emax/Caddx S1 CCD FPV Camera
5 available Uart ports
2 onboard RGB programmable LED's

Package Included:
1 x Babyhawk R Pro 2.5 FPV Racing Drone

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Mario xplus
October 20, 2018 (3 min 5 sec)

Posted by newelectro | Yesterday @ 03:49 PM | 368 Views
Mario xplus action
October 20, 2018 (5 min 50 sec)

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Mike Hunt rc heli logo rocking the house
Mike Hunt rocking the house with logo rc heli (5 min 22 sec)

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Tutorial - How I FPV'd my Drift Car

Here is a link to the Video:

I like to FPV anything I can because FPV is sooooo much fun ;-)
Ok, so time to FPV my Drift Car.
The Drift Car in question is a WLToys K969 1/28 Scale Drift Car, however, this process should work with anything.
Depending on your setup you may need to use different connectors than I did.

Now, on to the Fun ;-)

Here is a link to this Drift Car:
Wltoys K969 1/28 2.4G 4WD Brushed RC Car Drift Car

Here is a link to a couple of Micro SBECs:

Here is a Link to the FPV Camera:
Turbowing 5.8G 48CH 25mw Transmitter 700TVL 120 Degree Wide Angle Wireless FPV Camera NTSC - Copper Antenna

Here is a Link to the FPV Camera Mount:
Diatone Universal Mini Camera Lens Adjustable Holder For RC Drone

Stay tune for some FPV Fun with this Drift Car ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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Well, here it is, my 1st Ever Build-Ascent X 2.5 Micro! 4-Board Stack with TMotor/Racerstar 1106/6000 motors! Amazed with frame versatility. Variable motor mounts, wide range of camera angles, slide camera forwards and backwards, room for a 4-board stack! Incredible!
Thoughts? Speed enhanced video below:
MIcro FPV 2 5 Inch Drone Build Part 2 FlexRC Ascent X 2.5 (21 min 57 sec)

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I am looking for this plane. Does anyone know the name or what is is?

Posted by unboxingexp | Yesterday @ 11:08 AM | 448 Views
Here is some onboard camera footage from ThiEye's Dr. X mini drone. The video's full HD bitrate stored on the internal micro SD card is about 11-13 mbit/s, the 720p footage transferred to the app is just around 2 mbit/s. You can get it here with free worldwide shipping:

ThiEye Dr. X flight test (1 min 55 sec)