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Posted by Late99 | May 23, 2017 @ 04:16 PM | 8,422 Views
I participated my first competition in sport class of F3A Finnish championships league. The competition was held in Espoo, southern Finland. The weather was exceptionally good, which seems quite rare for any local model competition.

The Finnish F3A FAI class hosts some world class pilots. Lassi Nurila won 2016 F3A World Cup and Janne Lappi placed 2nd in 2017 F3P World Championships (indoor). These guys are virtually on the same level with legends like Gernot and CPLR. Lassi is also building the Sensation biplanes the guys are flying - and makes own carbon fiber propellers, which are really work of art.

Despite flying 3D / freestyle plane instead of a proper F3A plane I managed to win the sport class. It really wasn't my best flying, but at least it seems that the winter / spring training paid off. And kudos to Extreme Flight for building really wonderfully flying plane(s)!

As a competition this was really educating. I competed myself, wrote down FAI class scores for one the judges and also read notes to several competitors in both sport & nordic classes.

Enjoy the pics! And more pics are also available at Google Photos....Continue Reading
Posted by Late99 | May 11, 2017 @ 03:17 PM | 7,823 Views
Raku RC club had their annual spring "bootcamp" again at Jämijärvi. Weather was nice, although windy, especially on Saturday. Still we saw all kind of flying gadgets from quad copters and helicopters to turbine jets. I took my EF 70" Extra EXP and Pilot 87" Yak-54 there and flew plenty with both. And this time I didn't have any technical problems or accidents!

Check full gallery or video clip!