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Posted by MikeHRC | Jul 27, 2021 @ 10:34 AM | 16,101 Views
I love my Moonbeam McSwine - it flies really well and has talken a real pounding - it was my main transition plane from helicopters to planes and has the scars to prove it. One of the areas that has suffered most from poor (belly) landings is the motor shaft - I bent it very early on and was concerned that my plane was dead. Fortunately I found a forum post explaining that some people had used M3 hex bolts as motor shafts, so I thought I'd try that - here is a quick explanation how...

Start by removing the motor from the plane, this is the grub screw that holds the motor into it's mount

Pull the motor out forwards - it may take some wiggling and make sure that the grub screw is fully loose to give enough clearance for the motor to slide out

Then remove this grub screw and the one opposite it - they may be tough to get started as they were held in (on my motor) with some very resolute thread lock, a little heat (I a soldering iron held on the grub screw) is really helpful for melting the threadlock - about 20-30 seconds usually works. I good quality "fresh" hex driver really helps.

Once you have removed the grub screws holding the motor shaft (best to remove them completely) you can remove the shaft, in this picture you can see the "shoulder" that I put in the socket (i.e. from a socket set that you might use to mend your car) - that's what we call them here anyway. You can also see one of the two grub screws on the motor "bell...Continue Reading
Posted by MikeHRC | Mar 15, 2018 @ 09:57 AM | 11,003 Views
As I mentioned in the XK K110 thread, I have bought one of Remlen's RX120 kits https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...postcount=4001

It arrived from the Ukraine in a week, which I was very happy with (our post can be awful), it was really well packed and looked really good, it looks very professional - more so than the donor XK K110 imho. I had already bought some parts for it (servos, tail ESC, links etc.) in anticipation.

The XK K110 uses a brushless main and a brushed tail motor - the RX120 has a brushless tail, driving a torque tube to the tail, the speed of the tail motor determines the amount of "rudder" the same as the brushed tail. I decided to start by sorting out the ESC for the tail rotor as I think that it might be the trickiest part of the build.

This is the ESC that I am using https://www.banggood.com/SUPER-CP-FB...r_warehouse=CN

It comes loaded with BLHeli, weighs 0.7g and is only about 5 ($7) - I have wired it up with a servo connector so that I can easily connect / disconnect it while setting up, the other connector takes the power in and the PWM signal. As we know the K110 usually has a brushed tail motor, but Remlen had worked out how to get a PWM feed that could be used with the BG ESC. To get the PWM input you need to solder onto one of the pins of one of the surface mounted chips - I was concerned about this but it all went smoothly, picture of modification below - I also used the secondary power connectors on the board...Continue Reading