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Well today's clustermess is courtesy of the US Postal Service (Wait, did I say "service" ??) Seems my covering material left Gurnee IL 8 days ago, traveled to Charlotte NC, and is now on it's way to Dallas TX.....Did I mention I'm in Memphis TN ?

I don't have any words for this situation (well, I do, but they would get me banned from RCG) So I changed the color scheme for the glider..white with red and blue shoulder stripes, black trim....Pictures soon
Posted by edwardjohn | Today @ 10:09 AM | 1,609 Views
It's almost as good as DJI if you give it a good camera!
Flight ✔
Gimbal ✔
Obstacle avoidance ✔
Camera 🤷‍♀️

Get it here 👉

My written review to be updated here.

Stay tuned!

ZLL SG906 MAX1 5G WIFI Unboxing, Getting Started for Beginner & Review (7 min 42 sec)

Posted by Justwingit | Yesterday @ 11:03 PM | 3,365 Views
So this is Rodger Hecht's Hangar 9 F6F Hellcat being flown by his son Brent up in Tehachapi California a while back...
Hangar 9 F6F Hellcat 15cc ARF (64") w/DLE-20 by Rodger Hecht (8 min 16 sec)

Enjoy !

Posted by Calypso6858 | Yesterday @ 10:43 PM | 3,367 Views
Klemm L-25: The German aircraft manufacturer introduced the Klemm L-25 in 1928. The airplane had a long sailplane like wing and used all wood construction similar to 1920-30s sailplanes. The L-25 had quite a few variants and powerplans. Throughout the years Klemms have been powered with ABC Scorpion and Bristol Cherub 2 cylinders, Continental and Lycoming 4 cylinders, radials like the Pobjoy Niagara, Salmson AD-9, Siemens, Diamlers and BMWs as well as inlines like the Walter Mikron, Hirth and Argus.

In the US the company Aeromarine license built Klemm 25s for the US market. They were powered with Salmson AD-9s which were imported by Aeromarine and later had LeBlonds. In the UK a slightly modified version was produced as the B.A. Swallow. In total at least 600 were built but with many built by homebuilders, its hard to say exactly how many have flown in total. Today there are still a lot flying in Europe and a handful in the US....Continue Reading
Posted by Calypso6858 | Yesterday @ 10:33 PM | 3,321 Views
Hayden-Clark Timebuilder: I cant believe I havent done a writeup on this airplane considering I own it, but I realized somehow Ive passed over it.

The Hayden-Clark was built in 1931 in Visalia California. It was put together by a shop teacher and one of his students at the Visalia airport. I believe they had the wreckage of a Jenny as the entire instrument panel was out of a Jenny and quite a few fittings and other bits were Jenny as well. Somehow they managed to get their hands on a brand new Salmson AD9 radial to power it. They completed the airplane and it was test flown by Sol Sweet who was a well known pilot in the area and was the founder of the Visalia airport.

Sol reported that the airplane had lovely flying characteristics and that it would recover from a spin hands free. Amazingly, the builders managed to get the Hayden certified through the CAA group 2 approvals. They got started on building two more of them, this time with two seats, but they were never completed. Which makes the Hayden-Clark a very rare breed of one-off certified airplanes.

With the depression in full swing, there was no money to back the building of more airplanes so the only airworthy airplane was sold off. Pansy Bowen, a rare woman pilot in the 1930s purchased the airplane. She was cited in a registry at the Clover field in Santa Monica California stating she was on the way to Cleveland with the airplane. Whether she made it to Cleveland or not, I dont know. But eventually the...Continue Reading
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Flight footage of the Freewing F-5XL Delta

Freewing F-5XL Delta Wing (2 min 28 sec)

Posted by moxjett | Yesterday @ 08:13 PM | 3,717 Views
I liked the Freewing F-5 jet, but it was to small for my aging eyes so I decided to convert it to have delta wings.
Posted by VicT | Yesterday @ 07:36 PM | 3,858 Views
I programmed the AR636 stock receiver that was installed in the 2018 June Nite version and noticed maximum bank angle of 90 degrees left and 60 degrees right. I dont want to trust the 636 chip and will go to the AR637T chip for now as it has so many valuable features. The 85 degree down flap angle is great for vertical 4455 degree dives to to the runway and with appropriate up elevator and timing a spot landing can be made with 5 training attempts for the newby club member. VicT
Posted by Alan 3D | Yesterday @ 12:55 PM | 5,179 Views
Using Satellite finder as battery operated field strength meter for RC.

I wanted a device that I could use to compare transmitters to one another as a reference without actually connecting them directly to the transmitter or antenna. I first tried using an old field strength meter in the past but the fact that there was no amplification inside the meter. The power SWR field strength meter WAS DESIGNED with a power scale for 10 or 100 WATTS, the meter had very little movement and some transmitters didn't deflect the meter at all. I found a solution. I needed something that would handle much lower signal strengths and cost next to nothing.
Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 11:54 AM | 5,464 Views
My son takes his first full RC flight!
7yr old flies the EAZYRC PA-18 Super Cub RC Plane MUST SEE! With CRASH! (4 min 4 sec)

Posted by kopterheld | Yesterday @ 10:24 AM | 5,579 Views

2 inch Cinewhoop for 4S battery, Caddx Polar Nano digital or Ant camera, F4 FC. Flies super well with a 450mAh 4S battery or with a 900mAh battery and a Caddx peanut camera. The perfect introduction to FPV with the CineRace20 Quad.

Flywoo CineRace20 video (EN subtitle) -
Flywoo CineRace20 mit Caddx Polar Nano Kamera - super Farben (6 min 25 sec)

CineRace20 Polar Nano -
BG -

CineRace20 Pro LED -
CineRace20 Analog LED -
BG Code: DRONES6 -

FlyWoo CineRace20 HD - In front the Caddx Polar Nano camera with very good color rendering

Explorer 900mAh 4S 80C Lipo Battery -
GNB 530mAh 4S -
GNB 530mAh 3S -
BetaFPV ELRS Lite Receiver -
BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX Module -

...Continue Reading
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Recently assembled the Microheli semi scale S300C kit with a three blade head and had a great morning flying it along with the Ken Luo Bell 47G and the heavy cruiser UH-1 Huey gun ship.

I typically run upgraded main motors, more recently the very good aliepxress silver can 2627 motors in both 3600 and 4200Kv. the 4200 really give these guys some serious legs. The Bell is running the slower speed 3600 and that actually suits it quite nicely also.

Huey has a ZTW unit, great torque and spins the modded 300X rotor head and 245mm CF blades with ease.

the sportier of the bunch is the 4200kv powered s300c with triple blade head, very spritely performance and quite agile.

I often run my own twin esc as these are more reliable than the 230 V1 units, the V2 esc is a big improvement and can be tuned with BLheli software which is a big bonus. Boththe Bell and the S300C will get replacement twin esc, the bells tail is not happy and the stock 250cfx escs are not a nice match to this heli. Just waiting for the 25 amp hobby wing esc to arrive and will use a 20a little bee pro on the tail.

On they bench is another Ken luo kit - the SA316B Lama which will get a three blade head, and an align 250 MD500 unit. the align fibreglass shell is heavier and I'm considering using one of my upgraded 250 CFX units to power that. Still deciding what rotor head to run on the MD500, no one has a readily available 5 blade unit so will probably settle for a three blade on that as well.

anyways, some park fly and tuning videos.

Ken Luo bell 47G kit
Kiwi Craig - Ken Luo 230S - B47G (8 min 20 sec)

Huey battle cruiser
Kiwi Craig RC 230S Huey Gunship (9 min 14 sec)

little demon flier - Microheli S300C
Kiwi Craig RC MicroHeli S300C (9 min 7 sec)

Posted by Helen_AGFrc | Yesterday @ 02:26 AM | 7,383 Views
It is happy to show you the another new product before 2022!
We are not only producing the servo, but also capable to the make the CNC parts.
Name: 齿轮合照 (1).jpg
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Size: 342.4 KB

Here comes the AGFRC upgrade part hardened steel MOD1 8mm 30T and 40T pinion gear are in stock. Improved 40T gear with total 12mm height and small lip on the back side for spacer. Perfect for High Speed Runs and Drag Racing Cars.
It can suit your fancy Traxxas/Arrma/Hobao/Losi/HPI/OFNA /Mugen/ Serpent /XLX /XL2 1/8 scale buggy and truggy conversions.
Name: 40T M1 8MM Pinion Gear.jpg
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Size: 184.4 KB

High Precision CNC Machining
Super Strong 8mm diameter shaft
Light Weight With Through-hole Design
Ultra Strong and Durable Steel Material
Smooth and Reliable Operation in extreme RC conditions

Specification of PG40T8
Weight: 46.8g
Height: 12mm
Screw Hole: M4 Set Screw
More info here:
...Continue Reading
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Welcome 2: The Not So New Normal (off-topic) Cafe

Always open - 24 hours a day 7 days of the week - We never Lock-down!
Everybody welcome here, no passport or QR checks at the door, we do not exclude or discriminate!

Coffee and Club Tropicana drinks are free, all others and snacks excluded from Taxes.
Socialise and share ideas, everyday Life, The Universe, and Politics, the Hobby, Everything = welcome here!

This topic was created because of this post that started an of-topic conversation on my other blog:

So let's pick up from where we left, and continue from here in this fun and friendly created new blog!.
Please respect each others opinions and share any good info and ideas.

- I will share my ideas and any new info regarding Covid-1984 that I find, I welcome any others opinions and info.
Worldwide, no matter your color or political views!

As Covid-19 effects ALL of us that subject may remain for a while, but for sure anything other goes as well.
Remember life should be fun! If we try to come together than that is a good start!

(Normal RCG rules do apply here)

Posted by oscar35 | Dec 01, 2021 @ 09:10 PM | 8,286 Views
I have been very lucky to find and buy one of these fantastic engines. Brand new with muffler and 6 glow plugs. Can't wait till it arrives. I might put it in a Midwest Mustang that I have had for years. Never built. Will post pics.
Posted by RC Roundtable | Dec 01, 2021 @ 03:13 PM | 9,538 Views
Episode 141: "Round Top Recap" is now live!

In this episode, the gang talks about all the cool stuff they saw and did at the inaugural Round Top RC Expo.
-Welcome to Round Top (1:50)
-HUGE Triplane (14:15)
-Fitz's Fleet (36:30)
-Swap stories (52:10)
-Terry's workbench (1:14:15)
-Leprechaun maiden (1:20:40)
-B-25 status (1:29:10)

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us an email: [email protected].
Posted by Swanlander | Dec 01, 2021 @ 12:39 PM | 9,667 Views
Avro Vulcan Bomber (4 min 21 sec)

Posted by Quagga75 | Dec 01, 2021 @ 10:54 AM | 10,017 Views
A digital recreation of my favourite Slopie from the Nineties.
The .flz file can be opened with and exported to .dxf etc.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 01, 2021 @ 09:38 AM | 10,429 Views
Das Ugly Glider - Part 6

Got the motor and folding prop fitted and balanced, installed the battery and ESC, checked the weight so far (31 oz), and then put her on the CG balance.....right smack dab where she's supposed to (20% of MAC). I figure that the covering will add another 2 ounces (9.5 sq ft) so the estimated AUW will be 33 oz. Projected wing loading will be 33 oz/ 3.41 sq ft = 9.67 oz/sq ft.....Couldn't be more pleased