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Posted by scousethief | Jul 24, 2018 @ 04:57 PM | 15,497 Views
Just some tests 3d printing a flying wing. There are a couple of methods that i will be trying here , the first method is the typical rib build were I will be printing the ribs and using a 6mm carbon rod for support and then covering with the usual iron-on covering or something similar.
The second method is to use a single rib and making use of the "extrude" tool in Sketchup drag that rib to create a "shell" that is then hollowed and some internal supports added to produce a relatively light flying wing that is supported by a carbon rod.
The third method is a combination of the two were i will only print the infill sections of the completed wing creating a lattice that is then supported by carbon and covered.

The test subject is an 800mm ws Alula styled glider , i will be test printing one side first to try and find the most suitable settings. Current printing of the 7 ribs has the weight at 20.13 grams printing with a 0.2mm nozzle 20% infill and 2 perimeters , i can obviously change any of those parameters to adjust the strength/weight. the largest of the ribs weighs 3.93g but that can be trimmed/skeletonized down to 2.24g , across all the ribs ( one side) that weight can be reduced to a total of 11.57g but i obviously lose some strength.

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Posted by scousethief | Jul 24, 2018 @ 04:16 PM | 15,584 Views

This Super High Speed F1 Wing is designed for extraordinary high speed FPV experience. It’s symmetric airfoil driven by 4S power system provide very strong and smooth thrust, meanwhile, we use High Density but Solid EPP foam to ensure the whole air-frame super rigid and crash resistance, the built-in plastic hinge inside the aileron provide very accurate reaction from radio control for combat fly, this wing is compact and portable for out-door FPV flying because of the detachable main wing. You can install your FPV gear and 4S battery inside the spacious hatch with “NACA” air-inlet and outlet. The digital servo’s arm were very well protected by the aerodynamic plastic cover, the bottom of the fuselage were also protected by plastic parts as well. We believe this robust Formula 1 Wing will exhilarate you greatly from the normal FPV flying.

There are some things to consider with the F1 , firstly it has a snap tip stall that can seriously knock you off your perch , second this is a "Race Wing" its airfoil is not your generic high lift-slow-bouncy one found in so many flying wings that are available today instead it is symmetrical and very thin , much like a fighter jets wing this means it likes to fly fast ! otherwise see point one.

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