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Posted by epoweredrc | Dec 01, 2012 @ 08:40 AM | 26,798 Views
This will be a place for all the info about the new Edge 540qq I/we all keep loosing data in the very busy thread so here is a place for all to find hopefully what they need to know.

Battery info in thread here

Thunder power 325 65C 33 Grams $23.99 Wight with Velcro is 34-36g
Nanotech 370mah 25c 35Grams $4.23 edited I got mine and they are only 35g with Velcro I added
hyperion 450 mah 25c 42.5 grams $15.95
Glacier 450mah 25c 45 grams $4.50
Nanotech 460mah 25c 45 grams $4.72
Zippy compact 500 35c 48grams $7.50
Haiyin 500 mah 20c 50 grams $11.76
Gen ace 450 mah 25c 53 grams $4.00
nanotech 850 mah 25c 70 grams $6.43

RCBABBEL Battery info

BB Hyp (3S) 450 w/JST-XH...
BB Hyp (3S) 550 w/JST-XH...

slo-fly Prop info. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...postcount=1920

The gws 7035dd pulls 102.5 watts and 8.87 amps with a hyperion 450mah 25c.
The thunder power 325mah 65c pulls 106.6 watts and 9.15 amps.


It seems the TP 65c are the best battery, there light weight, plus you have a very fast recharge time

If anyone else is like me and is wondering about the plug they have from rx to esc lead here it is this is the model number

it is 4.99 on HH site.
link to it is here

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