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Posted by epoweredrc | Nov 19, 2012 @ 07:46 PM | 25,175 Views
So I had this posted on HF but wanted it posted somewhere else where I can edit it if need be and not have lot of none topic talk in it.

did this on 07-09-2012
Okay I want to start a thread where i can put out all my info, everything I learned during this conversion, I think having all the info in one spot is much more useful then having a lil bit everywhere. I want to thank Lawndart, Infocus, FireDoug and the others who helped answer my questions before I ever got my stuff to make the switch.

Okay I got my Head and my ZYX unit from CNCHELI I ordered on Friday and got it on Monday, Pretty quick shipping if you ask me.

450 Tarot 450FL Flybarless Rotor Head TL45110-03 black $33.99

This head comes already mostly assembled but I am telling you you will want to take it apart and oil the bearings, and loc tite everything with Blue loc tit it took me about 15 minutes do do this.

You will also need to get (4) Trex 450 Ball links and replace the balls on your swash plate so the links in the head will fit.
There enough in the bag to do 3 swash plates and kinda pricey but this is where I found them, Sure you can find them cheaper maybe else were.

just remove the 4 balls from your swash and put blue loc tite on these and install.

Tarot ZYX08 ZYX-S 3 Axis Gyro System $69.99
http://www.cnchelicopter.com/servlet...dsh-S-3/...Continue Reading