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Posted by BThirsk | Jan 12, 2015 @ 09:09 PM | 4,526 Views
I have finished my Dynam Turbo Jet.
A few things I modified where joining the elevator push rods to share a common connection to the servo arm and adding a separate steering servo. The battery compartment needs a little enlarging for larger batteries and a hold down strap was added. I plan to run on 4s batteries.
Posted by BThirsk | Oct 03, 2014 @ 04:41 AM | 5,808 Views
I finally got my big Cessna done and ready to fly, if only the weather would co-operate.
Here are a few pictures of the changes I have made.
I have installed a 50-50 580kv/2000w NTN motor, 90A YEP ESC with 6v BEC.
The prop I will be using to start with is a 15X8 master airscrew.
I have a Zippy flitmax 4000 5S 40C battery for this plane.
Posted by BThirsk | Jun 02, 2014 @ 07:08 AM | 4,968 Views
I finally got a chance to maiden my GC. It was very windy, probably to windy for a maiden, so I did not try to trim up the plane. It does fly very nice. I used counter rotating props so take off was very stable. I made the windshield removable to allow better battery access. The GC handled the wind very nicely, probably in part due to it's added weight. I did a lot of body work to improve the finish which brought the flying weight to 1828gms with a 2650mah zippy battery. The landing went well, but I had to turn into the rough near to end of the runway to avoid roll out into the ditch at the end. This resulted on pulling loose one of the main retract pods which had not glue on it. The was not damage to anything else so gluing in the pod was the only repair.
Posted by BThirsk | May 05, 2014 @ 07:23 AM | 5,096 Views
This is my F6F Hellcat.
It did not require a lot of modifications.
I did notice the Servo mount for the elevator, rudder, and tail retract flexed a lot so I built plywood reinforcements and added to the front and rear of the mount to eliminate the flex.
The elevator servo was so loose I replaced it and the tail retract servo with 22gm, 4.8kg MG turnigy servos.
I coated the complete plane with Minwax Gloss to bring out the colors and increase visibility.
Posted by BThirsk | May 04, 2014 @ 05:50 PM | 5,791 Views
This is my FW190.
I have added Flaps to it and increased the forward rake on the landing gear to prevent nose overs on landing. The flaps are made from balsa and soaked in fiberglass resin. The hinges are molded into the balsa flaps.
It flies very well with a 2650 4S Zippy battery.
I have added a sound system.
The complete plane is finished with a coat of gloss Minwax which brings out the colors better and makes the plane much more visible.
Posted by BThirsk | Apr 30, 2014 @ 06:52 AM | 5,713 Views
This is my GeeBee R3.
I upgraded the ESC to an 80 amp YEP.
The AIL servos are Turnigy Metal Gear TSS10MG. They are mounted into the wing using glued in plywood mounts with the servos screwed into the mount for easy removal.
The tires are replaced with rubber cushion tires.
I installed the Sullivan tail gear to the fuselage for durability.The battery is a 5S 3700mah Zippy compact.
I clear coated the compete plane to smooth out the surface and avoid hanger rash as well.
I set the CG at 100mm as a starting point.
Posted by BThirsk | Apr 30, 2014 @ 05:54 AM | 5,581 Views
This was my first airplane. I have beat it up for a year and finally broke it while flying with floats in gusty wind conditions this winter. This is a complete rebuild with some of the modifications I had done on the original.
I built a new nose gear out of 3mm music wire which is much stronger and does not bend when landing on grass. I added 2 extra screws in the mount as well. The arm on the nose gear is longer to give the steering a little slower response.
I added the spring loaded battery door lock to ease the removal of the Battery.
The motor is a 1650KV Turnigy and the ESC is a 40 amp Turnigy Brain.
I built a receiver tray to tidy up things a little because I was going to try a gyro on this plane. The gyro did not work out as it would not function at all, DOA. The tray and brackets where 3D printed.
Posted by BThirsk | Oct 25, 2012 @ 08:16 AM | 7,222 Views
I did a short video to give an idea on the different helis I have. It is only hovering in my basement in confined space, but it will give a pretty good illustration of the differences. Because of the confined area, some like the HK250 are a little different than in large open space. When I don't have to worry about running into walls, it hovers very nice, but I get a little edgy and don't want to break it. The only heli I did not demonstrate is my 600 because there is just not enough room.
Notice the V400D02 is the most stable because of it's size and I spent time to set it up as close to perfect as possible. The HK250 and the 400V2 are also set up correctly. All the others need the servos centered and the swash properly leveled. I will do that when I get time, but they fly pretty good as is.
You will notice the MJX with the flybar mod and the poor radio is no more stable than the CP helis.
I hope this give you a better idea of how they react.
Helis Hovering (5 min 42 sec)

This is a comparison between the Walkera SuperFP and the MiniCP in slow indoor flight.
The SuperFP has the gyro at 35% and dual rates at 100%, The MiniCP has 50% Gyro setting and 75% dual rates.
SuperFP MiniCP (2 min 53 sec)
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Posted by BThirsk | Oct 21, 2012 @ 11:25 AM | 6,899 Views
These are a few changes I have made so far to the V120D02S.
The canopy is a little stronger than stock, but will still break. Scotch tape the inside will help. The skid repair was a temporary fix, but I just decided to use it till it breaks. A little more weight, but I will break it soon.
The guide on the tail boom is milled carbon fibre with an additional deflector to protect the tail linkage.
I have a set of Foamy blades which seemed very stable, but I got some gyro jitters, so I have not used them much. I am using the 130X blades now and like them the best. The tail blades are stock which seem to be the best so far.
Posted by BThirsk | Oct 21, 2012 @ 11:00 AM | 6,951 Views
These are a few of the tools I use to build and maintain my heli fleet.
As well as these tools, I have a large assortment of small hand tools, specialty drill bits, and small metric taps and dies.
A bigger issue for me than getting pieces has been having the right tool to do the job.
A must for plastics, plastic thread locker....Continue Reading
Posted by BThirsk | Jun 14, 2012 @ 12:20 PM | 36,952 Views
Here is the english manual for the F45.

Here is a link to a 2000mah 2s 7.4 volt battery that will give better flight times and uses the stock JST plug.

Replacement Servo Arm only.

These are the parts I use for my brushless conversion. Prices where those in effect at time of purchase. MJX is full brushless now with new Flysky receiver running 11.1 volts for main motor and receiver system and a separate 7.4 volt battery for the tail ESC.
MJX F45 testing (3 min 45 sec)...Continue Reading