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Posted by kenh3497 | Aug 04, 2013 @ 07:44 PM | 4,485 Views
On my list of "honey doos" was the final assembly of the engine on my skid steer loader. It's an old dog with an Onan NHC in it. The engine was rebuilt by a local machine shop for the second time after the first shop screwed up the crankshaft grinding. That is a WHOLE 'nuther story The oil pump was marginal and should have been replaced. It is now reassembled with a new set of rod bearings. The mains are OK. It's up and running. Waiting for the battery to fully charge ant it will be moved to another building and out of the garage.

On to the second project of the day..... New grass sees in an area that was an old chicken coop and a concrete pad. A hole was dug two years ago and the concrete buried. The weeds have been sprayed, are dead and ready to be tilled up. The tiller was mounted on a "new to me" Simplicity 7119. My old 7116 gave up the ghost Well as things usually go for me there was a hiccup. The 7119 has a different transmission with the filter for the hydrostat sticking out the side, unlike the 7116..... About a 3/8 inch to high and the belt for the tiller of course rubs on the filter. An idler pulley will fix the issue and I have one to use but of course it is not simply a bolt on proposition Parts will be procured on Monday and I'll be in business. These two tasks took all day and I just walked in the door at 7:20 this evening.

On the upside I can walk out the back door, curse as loud as I want, and pee next to any close tree
Posted by kenh3497 | Aug 03, 2013 @ 08:54 PM | 4,559 Views
I threw the Giles and my DLG in the car this morning with the idea of going flying after work. I was off at noon and went out to the field. I had to stop at Fleet Farm first to pick up a bag of grass seed. Another club member "ran me down" in the parking lot to ask if I was flying. "Yup be there in about 10 minutes.". Bob was waiting for me and we assembled both our planes at the same time. I went up for a first flight and all went well. He fired his plane and took off. Bob is a new pilot and I did not know his skill level. To my surprise he took off fairly well and flew around pretty good. He set up for a landing and was to high and fast. He performed a good go around, I was thinking to my self, "Bob has come a long ways". The second time around he set up and while not perfect he was doing OK. He looked a bit short but would hit the field at the far end. All of a sudden he dumb thumbed it and in the dirt he went. While the plane is fixable I think he will opt for something new. We talked about the incident for a bit to figure out what he could have done differently. There was no chance for me to take the TX from him. I felt bad for Bob as he has had his share of crashes. He spends lots of time on the simulator but by his own admission "it's not the same" as the real thing. Something we all know.

My second flight started out like any other. I was doing some tight spiral descents and the plane snapped out of...Continue Reading
Posted by kenh3497 | Jul 26, 2013 @ 12:14 PM | 4,849 Views
I've been itching for a new plane and it started with my 20% Zlin 526. Crappy plans and a short kit cut to the plans and that project may be on permanent hold. Time will tell.

So I'm casting about over on Flying Giants and come across a thread about the Kraft Super Fli. I had the Bridi kit way back when and loved the plane. It was a docile plane to land and it would still snap like crazy.

I have a Satio 1.20 laying around doing nothing so I was looking for a "Fli" to fit the engine. I only found one kit and it looks like the kit cutter has not been active for some time.

Did some more looking about and found another thread on F.G. and low and behold the pilot of the original Fli made a few posts. He even posted the PDF's of the full scale plans. Now the wheels are really squeaking. I down loaded the plans and downloaded DraftSite, a free CAD program. This is the "old dog" part. After a little help from the CAD section here on RCG, I'm learning CAD and I'm started to trace the original plans. I have a VERY long road ahead learning this new skill. As of now I'm just using a very few commands but am getting better at using what I do know. The PDF files were measured and then scaled to exactly 25% of the full scale version. Again a couple of false starts and then loosing the files somewhere in the digital world I have several of the parts traced and ready to be printed. I may have to go back and look at them again and redraw some of...Continue Reading
Posted by kenh3497 | Jul 02, 2013 @ 10:11 PM | 4,449 Views
I'm still not sure about all this blog thing. I looks to me it's just a way to add more "stuff" to the RCG site. So on to the jest of the title...

I'm rebuilding my YS 53FZ and am in need of new gaskets. Yes they can be bought new but I'm doing this because I can.

First order of business is to find suitable gasket material. Most any paper can be used and I've often used typing paper to make gaskets. I use a dial or digital calipers to measure the thickness of the old gasket and then look around for a suitable substitute. As I've said I've used typing paper, note card stock, tag board and just about anything I can find. On occasion I've even used "real" gasket material

Back to thickness. In most applications I've never had a issue just using typing paper. My YS is a bit different as the crankshaft drives a rotary valve so it's important not to set the back plate to deep into the crankcase and squeeze the valve against the crank. I use this example to just make you aware of the possibility of interference of the back plate and crankshaft.

So how do you make the new gasket? Well you can use the old one as a pattern if it is still in one piece. On my YS I used some black paint sprayed on a paper towel and "dipped" the part to be copied and printed it on the gasket material. An ink stamp pad would work as well and maybe even better. Ya, it most definitely would be better!

OK off to bed tonight. I'll post photos and write more in the next day or two.

Posted by kenh3497 | Jun 30, 2013 @ 07:50 AM | 3,840 Views
Looks like if you use the following code you can get a free T-Shirt from RC Bearings. You might as well get something for "nothing" if you can.


EDIT: Looks like this offer is still good AS OF 8-11-13