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Posted by kenh3497 | Apr 23, 2016 @ 07:55 PM | 19,781 Views
I was looking for a special charge cord I made up so I could balance charge a LiFe battery in the plane. It has to be used through a switch with the charge port built in. Anyway I looked in my vehicles, in both my toolboxes out in the garage, in my parts bins in my model shop, under benches and sheets of ply. In other words I looked "everywhere". I called a friend that borrowed my charger thinking the cord was in the box and fell out. NOPE he didn't have it either.

Well... I finally found it. It was hanging just above eye level where I do all my charging. I put it there so I could find it

It just proves that "Everything is someplace". It's just figuring out whrer that someplace is!