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Posted by kenh3497 | Feb 14, 2016 @ 01:58 PM | 20,689 Views
I made my annual journey up to the Twin Cities in Minnesota for the auction that TCRC puts on every year. Other than being cold it was a good trip. I ohly bought an old beat up 40 size trainer to use as a float plane. It will get some old cheap Futaba 3003 servos and an old engine. I've never flown off water before so in case I have an "incident" I won't be out much.

Engines didn't sell very good. I watched a Saito 150 sell for $125 and a Super Tiger 4500 bring a whopping price of $40 or $45. I should have bid on the Saito but was busy gabbing If nothing else at least I would have run the price up a bit

Planes ran the gambit of price. I paid $20 for my trainer airframe only and a nice 80+ inch plane went for $400 RTF except for RX and battery.

The auction started 9AM and was finished by 3PM. There were several giveaways and all you needed was your bidding number and be present to win.

I was back home by 6pm