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Posted by Screamin' Eagle | Jun 12, 2006 @ 12:52 PM | 19,348 Views
I've spent the last three Sunday mornings at the local TD field. JEB21 handed down a 99" Airtronics Aquila that had been sitting in his garage, and after installing new radio gear and working out some minor kinks, it hit the winch yesterday. It took me a little while to get the hang of working the pedal, but I had two successful thermal flights, catching a few boomers in the process. The plane was a bit tail-heavy and unstable, so noseweight will be the order of the day for the next flight.

My foray into electric sailplanes has not been without incident. Read about my problems here: I hope to get it in the air soon - It's a Dreamline Pro F5JE from

I also acquired a handlaucnh this weekend - A Photon II DLG from Pete Schiess. A Berg 4L is on its way to fill in the fuse.

I miss sloping a bit but with the springtime bloom and the fact that I hike to my flying sites, my allergies were becoming unbearable, requiring constant medication and resulting in 2-3 days of attacks after flying sessions and resulting sinus infections that would last for weeks. I'm going to limit my sloping to drive-up sites for the near future, at least until summer/fall rolls around.

My hangar has swelled recently with the addition of the Aquila, Dreamline and Photon II. I sold my carbon Trinity last week to free up the funds for the new planes (electric setups with LiPos get pricey quick!) and also because I have the Stratos SL, which is the same size, and much more versatile as an F3B ship and 20 oz lighter on the slope (unballasted) for lighter-air sloping and thermaling.