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Posted by Joe'n Kody | Oct 17, 2009 @ 02:29 AM | 3,286 Views
I have been flying now for so many years that I cant remember all the planes I have had. I started in the "usual" way by building all balsa chuckies then CL then sailplanes then RC. The transition to RC was quite exciting, especially so 'cos I had to teach myself to fly. I did this by flying a 7 fft sailplane and hand launching it over long grass. As I grew better and better, the long grass grew shorter and shorter. I finally found and joined the local club and went from strength to strength. My favorite planes were/are sailplanes. With these things you compete against yourself and against the raw elements. There is no such thing as a "go around" when on final so you quickly learn to fly with super precision. Too many RC'ers pass off sailplanes as "kid stuff" but in reallity, they really are the most difficult plane to fly. The word "fly" means to get the best out of them, eg, try flying at 1200 feet in a thermal and keep it there for an hour. The greatest moment came one day when I flew my 10' span sailplane in a 100' diameter circle, wingtip to wingtip (12" apart) with an Australian Wedgetailed Eagle. We circled with each other until the lift faded away and only 100 feet off the ground. The Wedgetailed Eagle is the most majestic eagle of them all, the male has a wingspan touching 8 feet.
I flew all sizes and types of powered aircraft but my absolute favorite powered plane is of the Scimitar series designed by Bill Evans. The plane I chose was the Zippity Doo Dah. This has to be the most exciting and the easiest plane to fly that I ever had. It is ultra stable but will fly the book so well. For info on this plane see my post. I scratch built mine (scratch build all my planes now) and it is one of the toughest planes I have seen. It flies at over 50mph and can land or fly at a walk.

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