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So you want to make the ultimate 4S 11xx 2"-3" Screamer here is how at a high level. I'll provide the gotcha's I ran into with this build. I will say it's a great frame but it does have a few issues especially with the components that I selected.

What constitutes the ultimate micro? Well for starters it must have the following basic components, Buzzer, LED, 20A+ ESC, OSD, Quality motors, Truly capable of 4S and most importantly a CCD Camera like the RunCam Micro or Foxeer Micro. This has been the biggest advancement in Micro drone technology in over a year. Now as you would expect this quad is going to cost considerably more than your standard eachine Lizard 95 or other out of the box. The difference is reliability and quality. As long as you incorporate this methodology into your own custom build you will also have your own ultimate Micro.

First thing first. If you want to build an ultimate micro you will have to start with good quality parts the ONLY. The only part I would use from Eachine parts bin is the VTX03 and only because it's switchable. I would not say it's all that great but we dont have a lot of options in the Micro world.

MOTORS: RCX 1304 5000kv
$11.99 per $36
I'm undecided about the motors. They seem to get pretty warm on 3S. I dont have enough flights on 4S yet to decide. On 4S it's a friggen monster. On 3S it's still very quick.

I would say of all the cheapie motor's I've tested...Continue Reading
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I think ParkZone hit a GRAND SLAM with this Corsair. It's such a joy to fly. I would almost consider it a trainer that's how easy it is to fly. And that's where the problem lies. For me it's just a little too slow now that I've gotten used to it. I'm looking to make a real speed demon yet keep everything looking stock it looks awsome.

The 35-36c Turnigy has been done already. See Details on Pics to see how simple it was.

Here is what I did Motor, ESC, Battery and prop swap. All for about $75