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Posted by HuffDaddy | Jan 22, 2012 @ 05:48 PM | 19,830 Views
I had an "aaah ha!" moment recently

after looong period of consideration and debate, I've come to the realization that no matta how much a guy may want to, a guy can't fly everyday . I mean, I LOVE to fly... 40"+ parkflyers (foam) warbirds mostly, but I have been dabbling in some 3D lately, oh, and there's ultra-micro planes and a micro coaxial heli...anyways, can't get enough... so when it comes to RC, I love flyin' most, but truth be told, I basically like most things RC, it's all justa blast...heck, if I had access to a pond or lake I'd even have me a boat or hydro or something hahaha (my Super cub has a set of floats for it ready to go).... but between the annoying, random windy days and the week long stretches of full blown in-climate weather during the winter & spring that blows through for a full week at a time it's easy to go weeks, maybe a month+, without the opportunity to fly.

of course the weather is only part of the problem... there's those last minute work schedule changes that occasionally get in the way too, usually happens on the one beautiful day after weeks of crappy weather, go figure... yaaa, so I decided I needed something RC related to play with that didn't rely on having flyable weather but will get me outside from time to time during the off season (for flyin' that is)

sooo, after almost 3 years of and ooglin' like a kid over the pics and YouTube videos and then endless debating, hesitation, procrastination and contemplation...Continue Reading