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Here's a rundown on how to reverse a digital servo that has the motor attached to the pcb. A quick reminder that some soldering skills are required.

I'm using Turnigy TGY 113MG's

First remove the 4 screws

Remove both the upper an lower enclosures.
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EDIT 6/4/2018 Now on sale for only $179 Click me to order.

The Ender Desktop 3D Printer Kit is now in stock and ships for free to the USA via priority mail. Shipping to other countries will vary based upon your location.

Right off the bat, I want to say that this is my first experience with a 3D printer of any kind. I knew right away that I wanted something compact, that wouldn't take up a lot of space, but could still print all the neat little trinkets, and quadcopter parts etc. that I knew I'd want to make.

This printer comes as a kit, and does require quite a bit of assembly, however, do not let that scare you off. The build is not difficult, and the instructional video on the included micro SD card is easy enough to follow. I recommend pausing it at several stages, so that you can get a good look at what direction things are being assembled. The instructional video is 22 minutes in length. With pausing it, going back and double checking things, and sometimes watching a step twice, I managed to have my printer together in about 2 hours. Not bad considering I'd never laid a finger on a 3D printer prior to today.

The quality of the printer seems very good. The fit and finish on all parts is great. I noticed very little play in anything while building it, and after I had it leveled, I grabbed a file from Thingiverse for an FPV camera mount to try as my first print. I put the file on the micro SD card, installed the card, selected the file, and 45 minutes later I had my...Continue Reading
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Review of Eachine E60 Mini Pocket Drone With Camera Headless Mode 2.4G 6-Axis RC Quadcopter RTF

Its amazing how quads got this small.
From the first look it seems that this small quad will give you a ton of fun and that's true. This small quad is pure fun to fly, very stable and easy to master.
Only two thing you have to have in you mind and you will be super satisfied with this quad:
1. only indoor usage - its too small for outside on this quad is only marketing gimmick, its best that you forget about it

Provided remote (smiley one) is really nice, E60 quad fits inside and can be charged from transmitter battery, nice feature.

  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Channel: 4ch
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Camera: 0.3mp, 30fps
  • Camera resolution: 640x480
  • Product battery: 3.7V 150mAh 25C
  • Charging time: About 40 mins
  • Transmitter battery: 4x AAA (not included)
  • Flying time: 4-5mins
  • R/C distance: 30-50m
  • Color: Yellow and black, blue and black
  • Material: Electronic Components,Plastic
  • Quad's size: 4.5x4.5x2.4 cm
  • Transmitter's size: 12.1x12.1x3.4cm
  • Quad's weight:16g
  • Transmitter's weight:103g
  • Package size: 13.8x13.8x4.7cm
  • Package weight: About 300g

  • With camera to capture pictures and record wonderful moments.
  • With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
  • 2.4GHz Technology Adopted for Anti-Interference.
  • 4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360°.
  • 6-axis gyro which can have more
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Recently finished my SIG Wonder which has been set up with a medium power set up to keep it relatively quiet for park flying.

Had a great maiden flight just the other day.

Sig Wonder (2 min 30 sec)

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Broke my Boom...
So yesterday while flying with Brady and Dick I came in a little Hot and landed a little hard for my Xplorer and broke the boom at about the center point, right at it's weakest point.

I've had difficulty in the past with getting the boom lined up straight and true.

Thought about it overnight and wondered if the TD version and the Electric versions were the same shape. Both were the same length from the wing mounts to the tail, so they had to be very close.
I decided to make a plaster mold of the bottom half of the TD fuse and use it as a jig to align the broken fuse while gluing it back together.

The box is made from a $5 piece of 1" insulation foam from Lowes.
I sanded the ends so the fuse was about half way below the top of the mold. The TD fuse was wrapped with a single layer of cling wrap. The pink section is there to give me working room for the repair. Then sealed the ends with some putty to prevent leaks and poured plaster up to the top of the mold.
30 minutes later the plaster was set and the fuse was released from the mold. Cleaned up the top of the mold with a flat surform and it was ready to go.

The broken boom fit it exactly and the alignment was perfect.
Letting the thin CA fully cure and then I will add the carbon patch and she will be ready to fly again.

After the CA was fully cured I did a light sanding and cleaned it with denatured alcohol.
One narrow layer of 3/4 oz kevlar and one layer of 5 oz carbon, both cut on the bias.
Wrapped it with a layer of peel ply, a layer of paper towel, and wrapped it with stretch tape.
It will stay in the mold overnight.
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China's launch of a new heavy-lift rocket, the Long March-5 Y2, carrying what the government said was its heaviest ever satellite, failed on Sunday, official news agency Xinhua said. The same rocket type had been expected to take China's latest lunar probe to the Moon this year and to return with samples. It is not clear how the timetable for that mission could be affected by the failed launch. China's space programme has largely operated without many major hitches, though it still has a way to go to catch up with the United States and Russia.
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New Florida Law Prohibits Local Governments from Regulating UAS.
We wanted to share some good news about a new Florida law that went into effect on July 1, 2017, the “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act.” The state law prohibits local governments from regulating drone and model aircraft operations in Florida, protecting those flying safely and within the bounds of the law from unnecessary and burdensome local regulations. It does allow local governments to enact or enforce local ordinances relating to illegal acts, such as voyeurism, property damage and harassment, arising from the use of drones and model aircraft.

While this law is not perfect, it is helpful in protecting our longstanding hobby from the increasing number of restrictive ordinances we’re seeing proposed by local governments. As we have fought diligently against many harmful pieces of local legislation across the state, this is good news for hobbyists operating in Florida and an example for other states. We will continue to work with local and state legislators, including those in Florida, to educate them on AMA’s history of safe, responsible flight.

Click here to read the complete bill, or a summary of the bill can be read at the following link.

We want to extend our appreciation to all members for your continued support. .

Kind regards,
AMA Government Affairs Team
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This is the 4S Maiden Flight of my new Eflite Commander mPd 1.4m BNF Basic.

Eflite Commander mPd 1.4m BNF Basic 4S Maiden Flight (5 min 35 sec)

After performing the initial Maiden Flight of my Eflite Commander mPd on the stock 3S setup, I found the performance to be lacking and sedate.. it probably doesn’t help that most of my RC flights are in Highlands Ranch, CO where the altitude is 5920 feet above sea level, and performance is affected by altitude. A big thank you and credit goes to Discover RC who posted a video on the Eflite Commander, modified for 4S. After watching his video, I followed suit with the same type of modifications to my Commander, using an APC 11x7E Prop and a Sky Power 60-Amp ESC with Switchmode BEC. The flight performance on 4S is outstanding and what I would consider as “appropriate” for an RC aircraft of this size, compared to the other RC aircraft that I fly. As Discover RC stated in his video, “okay now that’s hot sauce!”

Thank you to my friend Mike “Deuces Wild” Frontiero for capturing the 4S Maiden Flight on his iPhone 7, and a Happy 4th of July to everyone!


Propeller: APC 11x7E (APC11070E)

Electronic Speed Control: Sky Power 60-Amp ESC with Switchmode BEC (H-110)


Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 (G2)
High Rates: 100-Aileron / 5% Expo, 100-...Continue Reading
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Just a little clip here while flying my Bugs 3 around at a cookout this fourth of July, got a look at a couple small fireworks that were set off,only had a few to set off but caught a video clip of a couple

MJX Bugs 3 Fourth Of July Cookout And A Couple Fireworks (1 min 8 sec)

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This is how it looks in the air...

you can select hd quality

ZYO-6 (0 min 25 sec)

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I have just finished my MiG-29 with one EDF.
Please join the thread and enjoy big and light plane I have made.

Build log:

Here is maiden flight, before painting
MiG-29 single EDF -maiden flight (3 min 31 sec)

And finished model in all her beauty an me, the beast
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When I was a young boy, I used to go to the movies every Saturday morning for the Children's Matinee. One of my favourite shows was the Rocket Man and also the Rocketeer. I was convinced that by now we would all be blasting around with one.

In the 1960s, Bell invented the Jet Pack for military usage. The problem is it only has less than a minute flight time. Of course the intrepid 007 James Bond gets in on the act in the movie Thunderball (1965).

So here is a Phoenix Flight Simulator Jet Pack, available in two colour schemes; go faster Red or Blue.

Fully animated; the head responds to rudder, limbs to elevator and ailerons respectively. The flames from the jets are also animated and now upgraded to respond to throttle input as of v1.2.

The user made flying site Le Louvre below is by Claude Brettnacher and is available here if you like it.

Derived from a Sketchup model by Max Grueter after considerable modification.

You can find the model here if you want to download it.
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I'll be leaving one week from today. It has been a fantastic journey to bring a piece of history together. Look forward to sharing good times/food/memories with friends old and new. Plan to represent Hobby King well with this one.
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Between projects. Chest thumping lots doing or...
HD Fokker dvii FPV is up and running.
Technology has changed since older days when parts not as various and swap more now lighter more available-suace

FPV Fokker Dvii 350* 5.8ghz hd mobius (7 min 8 sec)

More still to come and still more to do.
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The new HawkEYE Firefly 8S is another action camera based on the solution provided by Ambarella A12 platform chipset and the Sony IMX 117 CMOS sensor. The main features are real 4K resolution, Full HD at 120 FPS and an impressive 720p @ 240 fps which will make stunning slow motion videos. The camera also provides extra functionality such as WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth remote control, external microphone, PWM remote control, FPV video outpout and provides a lot of functions like time lapse or long exposure photography. The 8S is also available in two lens options which are wide: 170° FOV and no fish eye distortion 90° FOV. In the first part of this video review you will be able to see: unboxing, accessories overview, Bluetooth remote paring, full menu walkthrough with explanations, WiFi application complete demo test.

So far I'm really impressed by:

- GoPro format
- Mini USB 10P with audio input, pwm control, fpv output
- Hi voltage battery (4.35V/cell)
- Sunlight readable display
- Sun hood included
- Generous bundle
- Stable firmware
- Firmware updates !

Part 1 of the review

Unboxing, accessories, Bluetooth remote paring, full menu walkthrough with explanations, WiFi app complete demo test.

HawEYE Firefly 8S - 90° FOV - Full Review - Part 1 (31 min 26 sec)

The 8S is available from:

90° FOV (GearBest)
90° FOV (Banggood) N/A
90° FOV (TomTop)
Coupon: "HTYHF8S" - 15$ OFF
170° FOV (GearBest)
170° FOV (Banggood)
170° FOV (TomTop)
Coupon: "HTYHF8S" - 15$ OFF
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60 pairs of props YEAHLAD!
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Cheerson CX-OF intro (2 min 46 sec)